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Why is it Important for a Nomadic Traveler to Have an Insurance Policy

Guess that a little more mental exercise at the very beginning of this article will be useful for our readers. What did you expect? Maybe you thought that everything would be as simple as possible? You`ll just sit in your lovely armchair and read an article without thinking but with a cup of coffee in your hand. No, not yet, dear friends. Think on your feet!

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Why is it Important for a Nomadic Traveler to Have an Insurance Policy

Is it cool to be a nomadic traveler? Currently, we are going to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of nomadic traveling. Are there really so many cons? Are they worth buying a long-term insurance policy as soon as you can? Or maybe I should buy travel insurance? Let’s find out. However, before considering the advantages and disadvantages, answer the question: Is it cool to be a nomadic traveler?

Right, let’s take a look at a typical nomadic traveler with five years’ experience. Being in more than 25 countries, and this is only the start. Living without paying for the rental, and settling down for a maximum of 2 months. I wonder if this is a thrilling life of true freedom.

The flip side of the coin is that the cost of freedom is high. What is the payment? Lack of home is a clear example. And this is particularly strange, because for most people worldwide home is a sacrosanct place where they can hide from their problems. Being homeless means that a person doesn’t have even a tiny permanent corner and that’s very stressful every way.

Not enough to stop anyway

Shouldn’t a nomadic traveler feel lonely being surrounded by mountains of his/her own stuff? Having his or her own bed, a constant group of friends and even a boring routine? Is nomadic traveling worth the refusal of usual everyday pleasures? A typical nomad, certainly, will answer: “Not enough to stop anyway”.

Definitely, having a nomadic lifestyle isn’t for everyone. There is no point in saying, it’s not for most people. But they consciously choose such a life for them, for a particular period of time at least. And if you have an opportunity to ask them when they will stop living this nomadic life, they, probably, reply: “Any time soon, at least not completely. Being a nomad is a state of mind.”

In general, we can state with confidence that although a nomadic lifestyle isn’t always easy, it makes perpetual travelers feel alive every day.

What makes nomads feel alive?

Without making unsubstantiated statements, we hold it necessary to highlight briefly the main pros of nomadic life which are based on the reviews of real nomadic travelers.

  • Freedom. Nothing left to say…
  • It’s Cheap. Even cheaper than leading a steady life in one place. It’s amazing, isn’t it? No expenses on transport, bills, food, shopping, entertainment and so on.
  • Discovering the World. Being exposed to different countries and their cultures is an undeniable advantage.
  • It Tempers Character. Being out of your comfort zone makes you much stronger.
  • You Learn so Much. It is easier to learn a foreign language if you are surrounded by it every day, if you are interested in Mexican cuisine – then take cooking classes in Mexico, if you want to learn how to give a massage – then take lessons in Thailand, the country of the best massage in the world.
  • Happiness. See the first point. No extra words.

Is there any fly in the ointment?

However, as much as untiring travelers love their way of life, they live in a fool’s paradise. That is why you can see here the clear and understandable cons of nomadic traveling.

  • Uncertainty. Awful Internet connections turn into a real challenge to your efforts to get your work. What else? Ugly hotel apartments that perhaps looked fine in the pictures, being robbed in a distant country, civil disorder in the country you are going to visit next
  • Missing Friends and Family. Sad sacrifice to Freedom.
  • You Can’t Have Pets. For many people it is even worse than the previous point.
  • You Can Have Health Issues. Don’t kid yourself, you face all “ins and outs” in nomadic life. See the next point for more details.
  • It’s AS IF you are Always Taking. A lot of nomadic travelersI hate feeling like they are not giving back as much as they are taking, and that’s how it sometimes feels when they are staying with close friends and relatives.

But despite these disadvantages of nomadic lifestyle, long-term travellers most are not likely to be back in the saddle.

And the main question: is it worth buying an insurance policy for a nomadic traveller

The insurance policy for nomadic travellers is as essential as the air they breathe. Especially in the light of COVID-19. As we considered the previous clause, Nomads’ Heath Suffers a lot during their trips. Allergies, exhaustion, injuries, fractures, poisoning, weight gain and plenty of other kinds of health issues can appear if you are traveling too fast or for too long. That is why nomadic travelers, like nobody else, need an insurance policy. Not just good, but the best insurance policy, which would benefit their risks and needs.

Of course, there are lots of travel insurance companies– each with their advantages and disadvantages – but, long-term travelers, backpackers and nomads should focus their attention on insurance companies with tourism product specialization. It’s meant for travelers who are always on the move, and it covers all the needs they want to get in travel insurance.

But Perfect Insurance for nomadic travelers – what is it?

The best insurance policy. What does the dream look like?

Perfect Travel Insurance is a lifetime dream for nomads. The management of a great insurer is really loyal to clients and the company ethos of being insurance for travelers by travelers.

What else should a perfect insurance company for nomads include?

  • Reasonable prices
  • Great coverage
  • Option to extend the policy term online
  • Option to file an application online while on the road
  • Extremely fast, 24/7 customer support
  • Clear online system to figure out
  • Broad gear/electronics coverage
  • Social giving program


Insurance is something you get what you pay for. Pay an extra miserly sum a day to be taken out with insurance. Nomads who don’t buy travel insurance certainly think, “Nothing can happen to me. I’ll be fine!”.

And that’s the point of travel insurance policy.

Nobody is Superman. You’re healthy until you’re not. Insurance for nomadic travelers covers emergencies, medical expenses, repatriation of human remains, lost baggage, trip delays and much more.

Experienced nomadic travellers who have been on the road for many long years can tell you that accidents happen and will happen. It’s really great to always have a reliable insurance company that has you back

By Isabelle Jordan 

Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.