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Unidentified Foreigner Murdered and his Body Dumped In Saraburi Province



An unidentified body that appeared to be a caucasian European male in his 40s was found dumped near a foothill in Saraburi province. The man was wearing only his underwear and had been beaten and shot in the mouth.


Chiangrai Times – A report of the body of a white man being found was received by Pol. Lt. Col. Yam Lekmanee, detective inspector of Kaeng Khoi police station. A police team went to check the scene, with Pol. Col. Jakkrit Weeradej, the director of the police station, Dr. Prasit Chaimingjit, director of Kaeng Khoi hospital; and the Ruamkatanyu foundation staff.

The man’s body had been left at Wiriya foothill, behind Khao Kaeo village, 80 meters from Sangkoi-Banna route, moo 4, Tamaprang, Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi province.

At the scene, police discovered the body of an unidentified white man, about 40 years old. The man seemed to be European, and had a receding hairline. The man was lying on his side, his face down to the ground. There was a gunshot wound in his mouth that broke three teeth. The bullets had passed through the back of his head, and there were many bruises all over his body.

The man was found wearing only gray Wool World label bikini underwear stained with fecal matter. He also had a steel automatic watch on his left wrist. The doctor said he had been dead for more than 10 hours, so the body was sent to the forensic division to perform an autopsy.

Police examined the area, and about 5 meters from the body, they discovered a shallow, newly-dug rectangular hole under a bush. The hole was about 24 cm deep, and the hole’s length and width matched the dimensions of a human body. About 20 meters from the body, in a flat area of the foothill, police found a leather shoe, and near the shoe were some tire tracks that appeared to be from a pickup truck, so the police collected the evidence.

Police initially assumed that the murder had been committed by more than one person. They speculated that the criminals had beaten and shot the man elsewhere, but had brought the body here to bury. But they apparently changed their minds, perhaps because a passerby might have spooked them, or they were afraid to be seen, so they just left the body and escaped. Police also assumed that the man had been killed in some dispute. Detectives are investigating for more clues, and co-operating with police officers in nearby areas to check if any foreigner was reported missing. – Pattaya Mail

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