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Thailand on Alert as Anthrax Outbreak Hits Laos: More Than 50 Suspected Cases Reported

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Thailand on Alert as Anthrax Outbreak Hits Laos More Than 50 Suspected Cases Reported

(CTN News) – On Thursday, Thailand ordered a close watch on livestock after Laos reported more than 50 suspected human cases of anthrax.

Grazing livestock and wild animals are most commonly infected with anthrax, which can be deadly if it gets into humans.

According to Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, officials have been instructed to monitor the disease closely and “protect the public.”

People can get infected by breathing in spores, eating contaminated food, or touching bacteria with broken skin.

According to the media in the secretive communist country of Laos, 65 suspected cases have been reported, including 54 in the southern Champasak province, which borders Thailand.

There were 54 cases reported this month, according to the Thai government.

“The PM said the public health minister should closely monitor, especially near the border,” said spokesman Chai Watcharong.

Animal abnormalities should also be reported to authorities.

“Tell the authorities if your cows or buffalos die suspiciously,” the statement said.

Those who had contacted “sick animals” were also encouraged to see a doctor immediately.

Since 2001, there haven’t been any human anthrax cases in Thailand.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, the most reported in a single year is 102.

cutaneous anthrax


Animals and wild game are the most common victims of anthrax, caused by the spore-forming bacteria Bacillus anthracis. Humans can get infected through direct or indirect contact with sick animals.

Although there’s no evidence that Infection is transmitted from one person to another, anthrax skin lesions could be contagious if they come in contact with a contaminated object. The bacteria in anthrax usually get into your body through a wound. You can also get infected by eating contaminated meat or inhaling the spores.

You may experience skin sores, vomiting, and shock when you are infected. Most infections can be cured with antibiotics when treated promptly. Inhaled anthrax can be more difficult to treat and can even result in death in some cases.

The bacteria that causes anthrax has been used to carry out bioterrorism attacks in the United States.


A person with inhalation anthrax can develop symptoms up to six weeks after exposure to the bacteria. There are four common ways that it can spread.

Cutaneous anthrax

It’s a skin-related (cutaneous) infection that enters your body through a cut or other sore. With proper treatment, cutaneous Infection is rarely fatal. It’s the most common way to contract it.

  • Insect bite-like bump that quickly turns into a painless sore with a black center

  • Swelling in the sore and nearby lymph glands

  • Sometimes, flu-like symptoms, including fever and headache

Anthrax is usually contracted through an open wound. It begins as a bump, sometimes itchy, that looks like an insect bite. But within a day or two, it turns into an open, usually painless sore.


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