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Planking Thailand Over Taken – Pub Peab Facebook Now 248,007




Inspired by planking, thousands of Thais are uploading their best "pub peab" poses to Facebook.


First there was planking or the lying down game which became an instant hit in Thailand. Celebrities, protesters, and politicians have gamely uploaded their planking photos. The Bangkok Planking Community Facebook page was established which allowed ordinary people to post their planking photos from unusual places.

While planking is the ‘art’ or rather nuisance of lying in an awkward position in a weird place face down, the Thais have started their own version which has gone viral.

“The version called ‘Pub Peab’ involves sitting in a kneeling position in strange places.

“Some traditionalists are outraged at the new craze as the position is usually reserved for formal settings.

“Yet, planking was immediately overshadowed by this new craze.

Planking involves lying face down in an unusual or awkward location. The planker?s hands must touch the sides of their body. Plankers then post photos of themselves ‘planking’ on the Internet.

Unfortunately for those who were hoping Australia’s ‘planking’ fad would go unnoticed here in Thailand, the country has embraced the bizarre trend with unbridled enthusiasm.

Even authorities are supportive of the ‘Pub Peab’ craze because of its positive promotion of Thai culture.

“Seeing that the Facebook page for ‘Pub Peab’ has more than 200,339 likes, I guess this trend with a Thai twist will be here to stay!”

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