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Government Green Lights Loy Krathong Throughout Thailand



The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration will allow the organization of Loy Krathong events throughout Thailand. Provided strict measures are taken to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

The Department of Disease Control announced Wednesday that Loy Krathong events to float Krathongs will be divided into two categories.

The first category concerns activities by individuals, families, and small groups of people.

This category will be subject to disease control measures and personal hygiene practices advised by the Public Health Ministry. The practices cover the use of face masks, social distancing, and hand sanitization.

The second category is for large events like those usually organized in Bangkok, Sukhothai, and Chiang Mai provinces. These events must be approved by provincial communicable disease committees.

The committees will be required to supervise the organization of both small and large events. Above all, to make sure organizers comply with disease control measures.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration will require Loy Krathong event organizers to provide protective gear including face masks for themselves and staff. They must also limit the number of visitors, impose social distancing on all activities and provide body temperature checkpoints.

Organizers must also provide hand sanitizer gel and regularly clean surfaces and install bins with covers. They must also conduct regular cleaning of restrooms.

Loy Krathong Celebrations in Chiang Rai

Yi Peng in Chiang rai will be from Friday 19 November to Sunday 21 November 2021.

Although not an official public holiday, Loy Kratong is one of the most popular and romantic of Thailand’s traditional festivals, the festival is held on the night of the 12th full moon.

The Thais bring Krathong, or baskets, made of greenish banana leaves and laden with fresh flowers and a candle, to the bank of a canal or river, light the candle, make a wish and gently drop it on the water and let it float down the canal or river.

Loy Kratong in Chiang Rai has the added feature of a parallel festival called Yi Peng. Yi Peng is celebrated by launching hot air balloons made of rice paper into the night sky. The night sky is literally filled with thousands of these bright lights shining like a moving river of stars. It’s also a truly magical sight that can’t really be captured in a picture.

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