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Chiang Rai Runway Closed For 4 Days After Nok Air Jet Skids

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Chiang Rai Runway Closed For 4 Days After Nok Air Jet Skids

(CTN News) – After a Nok Air plane skidded off the runway in heavy rain at Chiang Rai airport on Saturday night, the airport will be closed for four days.

Initially, the airport issued a Notice to Airmen (Notam) to all airlines, notifying them that the airport would be closed on Sunday as a result of weather conditions. Nevertheless, the closure was extended until August 3.

Mae Fah Luang airport explained that officials needed time to remove the stricken Nok Air plane after it careered off the runway.

It happened around 9pm on Saturday as Nok Air flight DD108 attempted to land in heavy rain. From Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport, the Boeing 737-800 carried 164 passengers and six crew members.

According to Nok Air, the pilot of the plane managed to bring the aircraft to a safe stop and then transport all of the passengers and crew members to the terminal safely. The accident is being investigated.

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