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6 Occasions That Call For New Footwear



While there are people who don’t need a reason to buy a new pair of shoes or boots, others feel there must be a specific purpose in mind. If you happen to fall into this category, one of these six occasions may apply to you. If so, consider them reason enough to check out those great Timberland shoes shoes for sale or find anything that happens to be suitable.

A First Date

Going out with someone new for the first time can be intimidating for anyone. There’s the desire to make a good first impression, so you take a lot of care with the way you dress and how your hair is styled. Don’t stop there; you also want to think about new shoes that will look great with your attire. A quick visit to a Walkingonacloud shoe store will ensure you find footwear that’s perfect for that first date.

A Weekend Camping Expedition

Friends have invited you to come along for a long weekend of camping. That’s great, but do you have footwear that’s designed to keep your feet warm and dry while you’re camped by a lake? If not, its’ time to see what you can find in the way of Timberland shoes for sale and what features they offer. The right pair will ensure your feet are protected and they will feel great even if you go on a long hike.

A Class Reunion

Attending a family or school reunion is certainly a reason to look your best. You haven’t seen some of these people in years. It makes sense that you want to project an image of being happy, successful, and in general happy with your life. Along with treating yourself to a new outfit for the reunion, it never hurts to see what you can find at the Walkingonacloud shoe store. There is likely to be a pair that’s perfect for the occasion and happens to be well within your budget.

Your First Meeting With a New Client

It’s not unusual for sales professionals to cultivate prospective clients using electronic communications and eventually close the sale. At that point, meeting face to face is often the best way to take the rapport to the next level. Since you are about to go on a trip to meet a client for the very first time, why not see if a pair of Timberland shoes for sale would be just right? Depending on the style of attire that your client considers appropriate for the meeting, there’s a good chance of finding a pair that feels as well as looks great.

A Job Interview

Going on a job interview means making plenty of advance preparations. Along with researching the prospective employer and choosing the right outfit for the occasion, pay close attention to your choice of footwear. The goal is to project an image of being competent, professional, and well-rounded enough to know what sort of attire is right for business settings. You can find the ideal footwear quickly if you spend a little time browsing at a Walking on a cloud shoe store.

A Winter Vacation

Who says that vacations are only for the summer months? Some people prefer to get away during colder weather. If that happens to be you, treat yourself to new footwear as well as some new outfits. Depending on where you are going, you may need shoes that are more formal, more casual, or maybe a nice mix so you can participate in several different types of activities. Remember that since you are vacationing during the winter, the footwear should keep the feet dry and warm. A pair with removable inserts to provide more warmth is a good idea too.

If the inserts are removable, it means that you can replace them anytime with insoles for hard surfaces, giving extra cushioning, balance, and arch support to your footwear, exactly what you need during winter seasons.


Do you have an event or occasion coming up? Take a look at your shoe collection and decide if something new is in order. If so, compare different brands and styles closely before making a selection. Doing so will keep your feet comfortable while you enjoy your event.

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