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1960’s Thai Gangster Film ANTAPAL



1960's Thai Gangster Film ANTAPAL



Chiangrai Times – Who would have thought – when he first appeared on the scene as part of The Art Of The Devil directing collective Ronin Team – that Thailand’s Kongkiat Khomsiri would emerge as one of his nation’s most consistently compelling and technically gifted directors? It’s not that the Art Of The Devil movies were not well made – the two installments handled by the Ronin Team very definitely were – but they didn’t even begin to hint at the range of what Khomsiri was capable of.

Since those days Khomsiri has turned in stellar fight drama Muay Thai Chaiya and gritty serial killer thriller Slice, demonstrating with both that he is a master of the small details, a story teller with an ability to create remarkably compelling worlds. Khomsiri has recently completed Thailand’s first 3D film – Dark Flight – which you would think would be enough work for one year. But, no, he also has 1960’s set gangster picture Antapal in the works.

This movie is based on a true story of a real Bangkokian mafia from the 1960s. Back then, seeing examples of American music and movies, the Thai teenagers tried rebelling, acting different and making themselves visible. Piak and Tong, ordinary youngsters, wanted to be in the limelight. Their life adventure was full of unlawful street fighting to realize their larger-than-life dreams.

that synopsis doesn’t even begin to capture what Khomsiri is up to here, the gorgeously designed film seeming to hit the same balance of action and drama that made Muay Thai Chaiya such a treat. Luckily for those who want more than a synopsis the trailer has also arrived online – with English subtitles included – to show off what’s coming.

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