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Gold Price Today, Apr. 28th, 2023 – FRIDAY

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Gold Price Today

(CTN NEWS) – Gold Price – Gold Price Today, April 28, 2023, today’s gold price news, today’s gold bar price, today’s most recent gold price, gold today, price Gold today, gold ornaments, 1 baht, Yaowarat

Today’s gold price, April 28, 2023, Hua Seng Heng, Jin Hua Heng, Mae Thong Bai, Mae Thong Suk, 1 Salung gold price, Mae Thong Suk gold price, Aurora gold price, and 1 baht gold price are among the available gold prices.

Gold Price Today 28-4-2023 17:02

Gold price today, 5 famous shops in Yaowarat purchase sold out
96.5% gold bars 31,950.00giam250.00 32,050.00giam250.00
Gold jewelry 96.5% 31,381.20giam242.60 32,550.00giam250.00
Jin Hua Heng gold price, gold bar 96.5% 31,950.00giam250.00 32,050.00giam250.00
Aurora gold price, gold bar 96.5% 31,950.00giam250.00 32,050.00giam250.00
Hua Seng Heng gold price, 96.5% gold bars 31,990.00giam210.00 32,040.00giam210.00
Mae Thong Suk gold price, gold bar 96.5% 31,985.00giam205.00 32,045.00giam205.00
Gold price, Mae Thong Bai, 96.5% gold bars 31,950.00giam250.00 32,050.00giam250.00

Gold Price Today

weight of gold price/baht Average Commission Price includes gratuity/baht
half salung gold 4,006 500 4,506
gold 1 salung 8,013 8,513
Gold 2 Salung/50 Satang 16,025 16,525
gold 1 baht 32,050 32,550

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