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Expensive Things You Might have



Expensive Things You Might have

Expensive Things You Might have – We have all been there, googling to ourselves “what random things do I have that cost a lot of money?

Just to see if we truly do own something valuable. Well, if you claim to have never done so, how do you explain how you found this blog post then?

We have compiled a list of items you might have that are pretty valuable and if you aren’t really using them you could get a pretty penny for them.

Keep reading if you want to find out if you should raid your storage room.

Old Harry Potter books

If you or an older sibling or family member was a huge potter head from the beginning and have one or a few books of the first editions, they could be worth quite a bit nowadays.

But if you have the hardcover of the Philosopher’s Stone book, you might want to take a peek at the print line, if you see the numbers 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, then congratulations. That book is worth well over 50 thousand dollars.

IPv4 addresses

We utilize IPv4 addresses to allow our computers and other computerized devices to communicate with other computers and devices using the internet.

Many people and/or businesses have a few of them or even a bulk of them laying about, just unused.

Ever since the IPv4 addresses have been reduced to nothing, the price for one single address has kept going higher.

If you have some or even one, you should definitely think about selling them if they aren’t being utilized. If you want to sell IPv4 addresses you should get in touch with an IP broker for help.

Special stamps

With special rare stamps, you can have the opportunity to become a millionaire. Thanks to rich collectors, stamps can go for a lot of money if they are special or somewhat rare.

It can be a huge stretch that you have a stamp (or a few) that go for millions, but there are still a few special stamps that can go for a decent amount.

Stamps are super cheap if you buy them for use, but who knows, maybe one day your great great grandchild will look through your stuff and find the stamps you haven’t used and sell them for millions.

Vintage vinyl

This is not that much of a surprise, vinyls are a treasured part of history that made a comeback in popularity in recent years.

If you or someone in your family has an old vinyl collection from back in the day when music was still good, then you can find very eager buyers online who will gladly pay anything, up to thousands, for those records.

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