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Claiming Personal Injury Damages After an Accident



personal injury

It often happens without you being able to do anything about it, an accident or dog bite. Such a damage event can cause unpleasant and even permanent injuries. If a third party is liable for the consequences of the accident, you are entitled to personal injury compensation. You can hire a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury lawyer from a personal injury agency for this. But what does a personal injury specialist actually cost and which damages are reimbursed after an accident?

The costs of a personal injury lawyer

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Utrecht (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Utrecht), you must in principle pay this lawyer. This is only different in the Netherlands. Just like a personal injury lawyer in The Hague (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Den Haag), you can hire a personal injury lawyer in the Netherlands free of charge to recover personal injury damages.

The system in the Netherlands is unique in the world. In other countries in Europe and beyond, you usually pay the lawyer’s fees yourself. These costs can be enormous. In some countries you are partially compensated for the costs of a lawyer, as is the case in Germany and Austria. But in most countries, you are out of luck and have to pay the legal costs yourself.

Will I Get More Settlement Money With A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Because the costs for legal assistance from a lawyer or lawyer can be enormous, many countries use the no cure no pay system. This means that you only have to pay your lawyer if the result is positive. This way you will not incur costs if you ultimately do not receive compensation. But if you do receive personal injury compensation, you will pay part of the compensation as the personal injury lawyer’s fee.

How do you recover from a personal injury?

Recovering personal injury claims is not easy. That is why a personal injury lawyer is often called in. This will first investigate who is at fault in a collision or liable in the event of an industrial accident or dog bite. This person will then be held liable by the lawyer.

This is done by means of a liability claim. This contains important information such as the names of the parties, why the other party is guilty and what personal injury amounts apply. In addition, the limitation period for the case is interrupted and an advance on personal injury compensation is often requested.

Helpful Tips for Recovering From a Personal Injury

Is liability recognized? The personal injury lawyer will then provide insight into the personal injury. Together with the accident victim, the consequences of the accident are examined. Consider incapacity for work or incurring medical costs and travel expenses.

Ultimately, the personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the other party about the amount of the damages. The counterparty is often an insurer with which the other party is insured.

What can I do myself?

A personal injury lawyer cannot do without information. That is why it is important that you take steps yourself after an accident. For example, in the event of a collision, always complete a collision damage form. But arranging a witness statement can also be important. After all, a lawyer cannot do without your information.


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