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Will Online Tuition and Online Learning Be the Post Covid-19 Norm?



Online Learning and Online Tuition

Today, millions of students are enrolled in online tuition classes and the COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the numbers. Online tuition and online learning in general, offers a different experience than the traditional in-person schooling.

Still, it is an option that continues to gain traction. However, despite its increased popularity, many people wonder whether online tuition is just as good and effective as traditional learning. Short answer, it is. In fact, the idea of online tuition stands more beneficial as compared to a traditional tuition method for many reasons:

Personal Attention as a Key Component

Many tuition centers in Singapore, for example, those offering economics tuition offer one-to-one online classes which is an excellent method of remote learning. Unlike the traditional classroom environment that is packed with several students, online tuition offers personal attention to students as a key component. Students may shy away from asking questions or clearing doubts in a class.

They may also refrain from being focused because of other students in the classroom. This trend severely impacts the student’s learning. However, online tutoring has proven to offer additional curriculums that certainly help the students score better.

Furthermore, there is a rapport between the tutors and the student in an online learning environment. It enables free communications without inhibitions for the process of clarifying and inquiring.

Self-Paced Learning

The tutors create a customized lesson plan for the student’s growth. They can measure the drawbacks of a student and tweak their tutoring methodologies accordingly. This self-paced learning experience offered by online tuition means there is no time-sensitive timetable or peer pressure. Students are allowed to take their own time to grasp the various concepts of their subject.

Flexible Time Schedule and Environment

Thanks to the flexible time schedule and environment offered by online tuition centers, students could pick their own time and place for classes. For example, you can select your own learning environment where you find it most comfortable to learn.

It could be your balcony, your study table, or your bedroom. Such options particularly give freedom for total parental supervision. Many online tuition classes, such as those offering econs tuition online classes in Singapore, offer the liberty to choose your own time schedule.

Lower Costs with Added Benefits

Online tutoring is also cost-effective as the materials and the inventories are available, so there is no extra cost. The notion of driving during heavy rains, spending on transportation, commuting, etc. would no longer be a worry.

Apart from this, with the introduction of e-wallets, students have their recognized and trusted wallet recharged. For each tuition class attended, the wallet deducts the money without any assistance. This is very convenient as compared to the traditional tuitions where you have to pay in advance.

Final Thoughts

Even during the current pandemic, many parents don’t have enough time to teach their kids on their own. That’s where online tuition becomes invaluable. If your child is living in a remote area or he is tech-savvy, online tuition is the best choice.

With brick-and-mortar tuition centers shutting down due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the trend of online learning will only go upward. If you think that your child is too young to handle online tuition, then there is a solution for this as well. In such a scenario, parental guidance will be required to help your child overcome this barrier to get the most out of remote learning.

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