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Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Artists and Designers?



Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Artists and Designers?

Social media platforms are used for many purposes for fun and business but did you know there also great for artists and designers. They have opened horizons for many businesses that remained in the shadow. But now, a hobby can turn out to be a great help in promoting your creations. Also, artists have gained an opportunity to share their skills and make money from that.

Social media is a treasure for digital artists as it makes the process of promoting your works and becoming an influencer in this niche easier and less expensive. By now, the industry of digital painting, in particular, has reached huge popularity and continues to grow.

Designers of different kinds are having their best time to work as well. All that is possible because social platforms are much cheaper than traditional methods of advertising. It has its own rules and methods, for example, for an additional boost on Instagram, to buy Instagram views you can use And there are more ways for businesses, influencers, artists and designers to grow their branding.

In this article, we shall talk about the best platforms for artists and designers.

Social Media Platform Instagram

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Artists and Designers?

Digital artwork by Ilya Kuvshinov, an artist based in Tokyo

This is one of the best networks to grow a clientele and fan base for an artist. Instagram has many advantages for that matter. First of all, Instagram is a visual platform. Even though there is a possibility to write quite long texts, images rule this network. Thus, it is a perfect place to showcase your art.

Through the latest years, Instagram has formed a strong community of artists and their fans, who support each other within the platform. Also, the promotion on this platform is simple to understand. Practically any strategy can be put in motion without involving a team of marketers to your aid. Here are some useful tips for growth on Instagram:

  • Make your flow of work regular, so you have a basic minimum to upload on the platform.
  • Focus on what you do best and push it. According to the latest tendencies on Insta, share some video content – process or mini tutorial. Your goal is to get as many Instagram views as you can and get your works noticed on the Explore section.
  • Get in touch with other artists that have a similar style. One of the trends in this community is to cross-promote others in order to expand their influence. Use hashtag #artistssupportartists on Instagram – it can make wonders.
  • Upload a lot. You can dilute your profile with sketches, works in progress, and ideas that you want to complete.

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Artists and Designers?

Artwork by Hannah Alexander, based in the UK

Hint: If you are having trouble with producing original content, like an art block, there is a solution that is specific to Instagram. One of the most popular hashtags in the art community is #drawthisinyourstyle. Sometimes it is a contest held by famous artists, sometimes it is made for fun, but the point is that you have to redraw the original artwork the way you see it.

Usually, authors share the pieces that they like most, and some of them repost all the pieces. So this is another way to gain some ratings on Instagram.

The same rules work for designers as well. Interior, web, graphics, game dev – all these types of designs are welcome on Instagram. This is a universal gallery, which will sell your services fast.

Behance for digital artists

Behance for digital artists

Behance is also one of the most suitable networks for digital artists. This platform is developed and maintained by Adobe corporation. The network can be described as a digital portfolio, where artists share their works. Some people call in LinkedIn for designers.

The photos that are uploaded to Behance, can be united into projects. Usually, a project is a series of artwork that was ordered by the same customer, or that is made in the same technique and theme.

There is also a possibility to add credits to the projects – who ordered it, what is the idea, and the name of the project. On Behance you can contact your potential customers through the messaging system, so the contracts can be made within the network.

Unlike Instagram, Behance is focused primarily on the digital art industry – photography, retouch, illustration, graphic design, conceptual arts for games, and so on. Being more specific, this platform suits more for illustrators, designers, and artists, who are looking for clientele rather than a fan base.

Many significant companies, like Blizzard, Activision, WeTransfer, and magazines like Vogue, Elle, Life, etc. are using this platform as a marketplace of specialists for their projects. So the most useful advice to have for this platform is – upload more content (only the best tho), and always look for more famous and productive companies to offer your services.

Social Platform YouTube


Surprised, huh? This social platform has its own specifics, yet it is highly effective for artists and designers. There are three main directions for the artist to develop on YouTube, and here they are:

  1. TUTORING. Many artists are using YouTube to upload their lessons. YouTube has a comfortable system of communication and many features that help to make the tutorial easy to perceive by viewers.
  2. TIMELAPSE. This type of content can be considered as relaxing and entertaining rather than educational. It speeds up the recording of a creating process, sometimes with text explanations. Usually, there is no narrative, but music is often added. Timelapses are a demonstration of skill that is targeted to impress the potential employer, so most of all it is produced by game dev specialists, like concept artists, landscape or character designers, and 3D authors.
  3. ARTIST LIFESTYLE. This type of content is the most popular among artists, as it includes the previous types, and adds some space for a bigger audience to attract. YouTube, with its monetization, is good additional revenue. So basically the artist uses the platform not only to promote his works but to become an influencer in the industry. In such blogs you can see all the popular genres of content: unboxing, tutorials, product reviews, Q&A, travels, daily vlogs, etc., and all those are highlighting art supplies or processes.

Patreon special for artists


This platform is very special for artists because it actually helps a lot to turn a hobby into a business. Basically, Patreon is a place for donations on a monthly basis. Artist has to fill in his profile page and offer special tiers for his donors, who are called patrons here.

Usually, it is exclusive content and special offers that are available only to patrons. The platform allows you to create posts that will be visible only to the members of your community who paid for a certain tier. Also, you can set goals – the sum that you need to reach. This network is a great support to many designers and illustrators who make money only by creating their artwork. So it is highly recommended to have an account on Patreon when you gain some fans of your work.

The final word

The best thing that an artist can make, is to be present on different platforms, along with the ones that are described above. Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter… A whole lot of them. But whatever one you choose to be your home field. You should remember that cross-platform promotion is what you have to do. And the more platforms you embrace, the better will be the result.

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