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Tips for Picking Up The Right Battery for Your Automatic Electric Gun



The airsoft guns fall under one of any of the three different power plans; gas, spring-piston or the automatic electric gun.

The airsoft guns fall under one of any of the three different power plans; gas, spring-piston or the automatic electric gun. The automatic electric gun (AEG) is the only one that needs electric power to function. The small gun draws the electric power from the battery that is stored inside the gun.

The Gearup Airsoft in Toronto AEG guns that do not cost so much often come with normal AA batteries. However, the more sophisticated version of the AEGs requires the rechargeable batteries that come with a charger and a battery pack.

While that might sound pretty easy, choosing the right battery pack for your guns is somewhat a difficult task. With so many choices available in the market, it is really difficult for the user of the AEGs to find out the best battery for the gun. Thankfully, there are some tricks that can help you to choose the perfect batterie for your gun. Check the following section of this article to know how you can make the best choice about the battery pack. Let’s check it out.

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Quick Reference Guide

If you have bought an AEG that does not come with any battery, you have to buy one for the gun. There is a basic way of choosing the right battery for your Gearup Airsoft in Toronto without getting too much into technical details about the performance and logistics. Mostly, the AEGs have a battery type that is common for that style.

For the M4/M16 types of varieties, a regular Nunchuck or brick style battery would do the trick. The size of the battery would depend on the make of the gun. If the battery is fixed in the front handguard, then you should buy the brick style batteries. The guns that house batteries in the fixed stock, usually use the Nunchuck ones.

For the variants of AK47, a stick battery is the most common, as most of these guns are wired under the top receiver or the front handguard. However, for the ones that come with solid stocks, you can buy Nunchuck or brick style batteries for it.

SCAR and Famas styled rifles are generally rear wired and require the brick styled battery to function. You can also buy Nunchuck style batteries for these guns. The size, however, depends on the amount of battery space that Gearup Airsoft in Toronto gun has.

The Airsoft SMG style rifles generally use the Brick style batteries due to the constricted space around the battery assembly.

The electric pistols, on the other hand, mostly use the one-time-use alkaline batteries. Some AEG pistols use specific rechargeable batteries.

But those generally come with the gun

Warning 1: The maximum voltage for the AEGs 9.6v. You should check the details of the gun to find out whether there are any different specifications given by the manufacturer. This simple caution is to remind you to stay within that maximum voltage limit while buying the battery of the gun. Otherwise, there is a fair chance that the batteries will damage your gun. Also, using the batteries that do not match the specification of the gun would void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Warning 2: You should know that the LIPO batteries generally use the LiPO chargers only. If you use a wrong charger with the LIPO batteries, it can cause battery failure and a fire hazard. Make sure not to store the LIPO batteries inside your airsoft gun when you are not using them. It is always better to store them safely somewhere away from all the flammable objects.

Shape of Battery

Some of the AEGs come with specific space for the battery. That indicates that you have to know the shape of the batteries to find out which one fits the gun perfectly. Different battery options, like Brick, Nunchuck and Stick come in different shapes and sizes. You have to be aware of the battery space of your gun to find out which of the battery types would suit your purpose perfectly.

Battery Power

There is a common misconception that denotes that the physical size of the battery affects the amount of power the airsoft guns have. However, the truth is, the power level varies greatly between any two batteries. You have to check the Milliamp Hours and voltages to gauge the power you wish from your gun accurately.

The MaH indicates how much fuel your batteries have when it is fully charged. By noticing this, you can almost accurately guess the run time of the fully charged battery. As your AEG uses the electricity at a constant rate, the higher the MaH levels of your battery is, the longer the automatic electric gun will run.

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Chemical Make-Up of Battery

The performance of the batteries depends on the key elements used to create it. It also determines the number of charge cycles and the speed of charging of your batteries. Each type of battery option comes with its separate pros and cons. You should decide what your preference is and choose the battery for your gun depending on that.

That’s a wrap! If you keep in mind all the above factors while buying the batteries of your Gearup Airsoft in Toronto gun, then it would be easier for you to choose the right set. If you are not sure about the type of batteries that you should get, talk to the salespersons of Airsoft gun, and they will guide you.




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