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What to Look for When Purchasing a Used iPhone

The iPhone devices blocked by iCloud have become fashionable either sell them blocked or sell them and block them.

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Everyone is interested in iPhones for sale. That’s normal! But you should be careful. When it comes to buying a used iPhone or apple device, you have to be very careful about your purchase. Especially speaking of one of the most stolen devices that are sold in the heat: the iPhone.

Buy a used iPhone without knowing it is stolen.

The iPhone has become one of the most desired products worldwide not only for the December season, and for its OS (apple iOS operating system), design or popularity in general, if you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone hand take these tips that will help you not want to “see the face” and end up scammed by buying a used smartphone that can be stolen or unusable.

Steps to avoid being scammed buying a used iPhone

Verify that the iPhone frame has no cracks, that it is broken from the top glass or check large-scale damage. In iPhone 4 or 4S you will notice a little wear on the edges and it is completely natural but eye if you see any scrapes in the corners they probably have opened it or repaired something.

Check all physical appearance of the used iPhone before buying it

Identify the version of the iPhone device

If it is an iPhone 4 forget about having the latest operating system update, since only the iPhone 4S is upgradeable to iOS8 and Siri has, being physically similar a simple way to distinguish if it is 4 or 4S is by pressing the Home button for about 2 seconds if the Siri virtual assistant appears it is a 4S if it is 4 you will only see the Voice control and it is not so convenient since it will be incompatible with new games and apps that ask for the latest version of iOS.

Check that your new phone works well; camera, speaker, flash, headphone jack and charger

Even if it takes you a little while, verify that the iPhone device rings when you call it, play an audio track and test if the speaker is heard properly, connect it to a Wi-Fi and 3G network to check that it has no problem since I personally had a bad movie with a team that did not detect Wi-Fi networks and has no repair because it is something as complex as the logic card. In the case of the charging centre, connect it to the power outlet to verify that it is charging correctly and has no problem.

Verify that the phone is not linked to an Apple iCloud account.

The phone devices blocked by iCloud have become fashionable either sell them blocked or sell them and block them. They are not only those that do not let you activate them. Some stolen or “found” do not have an access code and you can use the iPhone normally. But if you go to Settings and Account you don’t see the blank space, ask that it be deactivated immediately, an Internet connection is required.

If you cannot remove it because you “forgot your password” forget about that deal because you can delete it remotely and technically it would not be your phone because it is still linked to another account. Also, verify that you don’t have to Find My iPhone activated.

We hope our tips can be useful.