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Top 6 Reasons Why Soy Candles Are Best For Your Skin



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Soy candles are one of the most prominent natural candles in Australia. When you are planning to buy soy candles, you should consider purchasing 100% soy candles so that they can spread scents everywhere.

Paraffin wax is made from oil refining, and you can consider using waste products. Soy candles in Australia are not only important for health but also for the environment. While you may consider getting the spot candles, they aren’t effective.

What are soy candles? 

The soy candles in Australia are made using soy wax. Soy wax is obtained from soybean oil stored in container candles, and they have a lower melting point than regular candles. It would help if you considered getting Australian-made candles to receive exclusive benefits.

Soy wax is biodegradable and completely renewable. Furthermore, it is friendly to the environment and has a sweet smell. Keeping the soy candles in your room will help relax your mood, and they don’t produce as much smoke as paraffin.

Benefits of getting soy candles in Australia

The best soy candles in Australia will help improve your entire house’s atmosphere. Some of the common benefits of getting soy candles include the following:

1. They are biodegradable

One of the most prominent benefits of soy candles in Australia is that they are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. Since they are made from soybeans, it acts as an efficient renewable and natural resource.

When you buy natural candles in Australia made of soybean, you contribute to the environment. These will help improve the vibe of your house but will also help you get the best for the environment.

2. Soy Candles are Vegan

If you don’t want to use animal products, soy candles can be one of the best choices. Finding the perfect candles in Australia can often be frustrating, and most people refrain from using candles because they are said to be made from animals.

Most candles are made using the wax obtained from dolphins or whales. Unlike those candles, soy candles are entirely vegan, and they don’t need any animal products for the production and can be easily used.

3. Safer to burn

Soy candles are among Australia’s most prominent natural candles, hailed to be safe for burning. We all have used paraffin wax candles, and hence, we know how much pollution it produces.

Unlike these candles, soy candles burn very efficiently and produce less damage. They can easily mix with the air and do not stain any carpet or linens. However, soy candles do cause this impact.

Numerous brands in Australia add harmful materials to paraffin wax, such as chemical additives. While this is done to increase the candle’s scent, it can have various negative impacts. If you are exposed to the smell for a long time, you will need to bear the damage.

Soy candles are entirely natural, and therefore, there is no way you’re going to inhale the toxins. Since they are made from natural resources, you will need to be less worried when you have soy candles in your house.

4. Soy Candles are Available in Different Scents

One of the main reasons people love soy candles in Australia is their different scents. At Florence and Myrtle, the professionals develop these soy candles in various scents. Many have claimed that soy candles’ smell is far better than paraffin wax candles.

Soy wax candles smell great and can also last for a long time, and it is available in different flavors. No matter what smell you want in your house, you will often find something similar in the range of soy candles.

Irrespective of the flavor, the smell will be very enticing, and it is safe. You can get a huge collection of smells for soy candles at Florence and Myrtle, and the best thing to do is to get a diffuser at home.

5. Soy Candles Last Long

Unlike other candles, soy candles last long. Soy does burn quickly, but it will help you get the best value for money, and it will also play an important role in getting the best deal and longevity.

Many soy candles can burn over twenty-five hours. However, you should check them thoroughly before buying.

6. Easy to clean

Removing the residue after burning the candles can be very tough. However, the soy candles don’t give you that pain. If you have soy candles at home, you should consider burning them.

If you love having your candles clean, you should consider getting the soy ones. This is mainly because soy candles are easier to clean. Since they have a low melting point, you can apply water and soap and clean them. No matter where you are keeping your candles, they can be pretty efficient for cleaning.


You can buy soy candles in Australia from Florence and Myrtle, and they have a wide collection of the best soy candles in Australia. Not only do they emit fragrance, but they also are beautiful candles that can last for a long time. As they are free from any toxic materials, you can always expect a positive atmosphere in your house.


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