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Oishi Group’s “Im Jung” Project Helping Chiang Rai’s Thanthip School in Wat Phumpararam



Oishi Group’s “Im Jung” project entertains Thanthip School students at Wat Phumpararam.

CHIANG RAI – Oishi’s president and chief executive was recently in Chiang Rai to share special meals made by Oishi Food and Beverage at Thanthip School in Wat Phumpararam, a boarding school under the patronage of the provost, Phra Kroo Pipat Silajarn, known as Luang Pu Dilok. In addition to special meals and recreational activities, Oishi is also promoting the cultivation of organic vegetable crops through which it teaches self-reliance, discipline and harmony.

“Oishi Group sees the power of youth today as the future of the nation. We support moral instillation – ethics for a good foundation. This will lead to further development of our society. For this special “Im Jung” component, we are introducing the “Im Jung Vegetable Garden”, which we hope will encourage the children’s participation in building self-reliant communities, work in teams and make good use of their free time,” said president Nongnuch Buranasetkul.

Oishi Group continues to underline its commitment to society and improving the well-being of the Thai people with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that focuses on support for quality of life and education and providing assistance to underprivileged youths and disaster victims.

Its “Im Jung” project shares special meals from Oishi’s menus and drinks with underprivileged children while seeking to cultivate and strengthen the morality of youth, especially in terms of honesty. In this context, it also offers a range of recreational activities such as fairy tales, DIY pencils and an essay contest “Good boy … has to be honest” that awards the winners with scholarships. This “Im Jung” project has been embedded in schools in Bangkok and metropolitan area including Wat Anek Dittaram School, Pathum Thani, Ban Klong Som, Samut Songkhram, Wat Siri Chanaram School, Pathum Thani, and Ruchak Kindergarten.


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