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Netflix Errors And How To Avoid Them In 2021



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Netflix Errors: Netflix has been experiencing a lot of errors lately. Many users have reported that they cannot access Netflix anymore or that they get promoted to error screens.

The issue could be with the app and not with their servers, but you never know.

Whatever the root cause may be, we have compiled a troubleshooting guide that should help you fix issues if you’re experiencing any problems with Netflix or if you think it’s time for a change.

So without any further ado, here are some of the Netflix error codes and their solutions:

1. Unable to play the selected video

Symptoms: When searching for something to watch, you may see so many titles to watch, but when you click on one of them, you’ll be presented with an error screen.

This is something no Netflix user wants to experience. The good thing is, there is a solution.

Possible solutions: Make sure your internet connection is stable. If it’s not, contact your internet service provider or try using a different web browser. Avoid using Microsoft Edge as it is considerably slower than other web browsers like Chrome.

2. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy

Symptoms: Your profile is not the same as the one on your PC, you don’t have access to subtitles or encounter other such related issues. Such issues can be extremely annoying.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Netflix also tells you that you are using an unblocker or proxy.

In the case of Netflix proxy error code: m7111-5059, you can follow the easy solution stated below.

Possible solutions: Netflix does not like VPNs for some reason, so try to deactivate it if you’re using one. If this doesn’t work, the problem may be with your ISP and the IP that it’s assigning you.

To fix this issue, contact your ISP to see if they’re doing any network changes or updates as this can often block specific ports necessary for accessing Netflix.

3. Can’t play the video

Symptoms: The title of this Netflix error is self-explanatory. You’ll see this error message when you can get any title to play. There are a few fixes that you can try, however, the easiest fix is to no to anything.

That is right…

Netflix will try to fix the problem automatically, so wait patiently until everything is normal. After a while, the titles that weren’t playing before will start playing automatically.

4. Netflix has encountered a Netflix error with the website

Symptoms: You try to play something but, once again, it won’t work for some reason or the other. The only thing you see is a message saying that there was an issue on their side and that it will get fixed shortly.

Possible solutions: To fix such an issue, you can try to clear the cache or delete cookies on your browser. This is a simple trick but it gets such issues fixed quite quickly.

5. Netflix is not available in this country

Symptoms: If you encounter a problem stating that Netflix is not available in your country, there must be a problem with your ISP, or maybe they are trying to cut down on people who use fake locations to access blocked content.

Possible solutions: If you want to effectively change your geo-location to access blocked content without getting any Netflix error, you can try using a VPN service like NordVPN. It’s also possible that the problem is with your device, especially if you are trying to stream Netflix on your phone or tablet. You might need to make some changes to your device’s settings like turning off location tracking and GPS.

6. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy

Symptoms: If you’re experiencing this problem, it means that Netflix is trying to block your access because they think you are using an unblocker or proxy.

Possible solutions: This problem might also occur if the network configuration of your ISP doesn’t allow Netflix to work correctly. In this case, talk to your ISP and ask them to make appropriate network changes.

7. When having trouble playing this title

Symptoms: Sometimes, movies or TV shows are no longer available to watch on Netflix. It’s possible that the licensing agreement ended, and it’s no longer available to stream.

Possible solutions: If you want to watch something that doesn’t exist on Netflix anymore, try subscribing to the free trial of other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. Once you’re done with the show you wanted to watch, simply ask for a refund.

8. The selected movie/TV show is currently under review

Symptoms: This only appears with newly released movies and TV shows. Even if you’re signed up to Netflix, they want you to wait before you can watch it. That’s mainly due to content distribution rights. Some countries get early access to new releases compared to others.

Possible solutions: There is no solution to this problem. The only thing you can do is wait until your desired title becomes available to stream in your location.


Netflix is trying to improve its services with better quality content. However, it does have its fair share of issues.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that Netflix is trying to ruin your viewing experience. It’s just the technology of this day and age.

If you want to watch something but can’t, try all the troubleshooting tips covered in this guide. It might be frustrating at times but, with a bit of patience and a reliable VPN service by your side, you can always make your Netflix streaming experience a lot better.


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