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Hailstorm Damage to Roof – 3 Things You Need to Know



Hailstorm Damage to Roof – 3 Things You Need to Know

A severe hailstorm is scary and can also severely damage your roof. The impact of large hailstones can crack the shingles and lead to water entering the roof, damaging your home. While you cannot do much to stop hailstorms from damaging your roof, you can prevent the problem from escalating by quickly spotting the damage and taking appropriate action to repair or replace your roof. Some valuable insights on hailstorm damage to roofs:

Knowing if the Hailstorm Has Damaged the Roof

You will know if the hailstorm has been heavy if you find leaves stripped from plants, dents on cars, damage to windows, air conditioning units, etc. Since you may not be able to spot damage to the roof from the ground level, you must undertake a closer inspection. Typical signs of damage include bruised or cracked shingles, missing protective granules collecting in the gutters, black marks, divots, etc.

Often, you may only be able to see the signs of damage on the underside of the shingle, so you may need a professional roofer to inspect the shingles by lifting them, inspecting them, and re-sealing them, as needed. Atlanta roofers can also check other roof components, like skylights, vents, gutters, flashing, chimney covers, etc., for damage. Follow the map

Importance of Differentiating Hail Damage from Other Damage

You must identify the roof damage correctly to proceed with the right plan. Unless you can identify hail damage correctly, you will not be able to invoke the warranty or file an insurance claim. Only an experienced roofing contractor can differentiate between hail damage, and other types of damage, such as cracking and blistering due to UV radiation, damage due to improper installation, defacement due to wind and debris, and general wear and tear.

Importance of Fixing Roof Damage by Hail

The problem with hail damaging your roof is it can be hard to know if the damage is superficial or if it could affect the roof’s performance. You should fix the damage promptly if you see water passing through the roof because the repercussions can be serious. If the shingles on the roof lose the granules, it can spoil the roof’s looks and negatively impact its performance. Losing granules increases the risk of premature failure of the roof due to the degradation of the asphalt due to UV radiation.

Claiming Insurance for Hail Damage

Generally, insurance policies cover damage by hail, however, you will do well to study the policy thoroughly, especially if you live in an area with frequent or heavy hailstorms. Usually, homeowners can file the claim within one year of the incident. The insurance company will only pay if the amount is more than the deductible the insured needs to pay. The policy may not cover cosmetic damage, and you should appreciate that making a claim may increase your premium. According to Forbes, your policy may only allow reimbursement on the depreciated value of your roof.


You cannot prevent hail damage unless you install Class 4 shingles that are impact resistant. If your roof is damaged due to hail, you should call in an experienced contractor after conducting due diligence regarding his competence, experience, charges, certification, licensing, insurance, etc.


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