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Freemans Best 5m & 3m Measuring Tapes for Professional Use



FREEMANS Best 5m & 3m Measuring Tapes for Professional Use

When it comes to accuracy and reliability in measurements, look no further than FREEMANS’ range of measuring tapes. From the best measuring tapes, 5m & 3m measuring tapes, including the TRANS Measuring Tapes with their unbreakable ABS case and vibrant multi-color options to the Ikon Measuring Tape’s auto-lock mechanism and ergonomic design.

The Gorilla Measuring Tapes’ secure end hook and convenient belt clip, the Tuff Measuring Tape’s Dura Coat Technology, and the Protek Measuring Tape’s rugged construction, FREEMANS offers a comprehensive selection to cater to various needs. Let’s dive right in and get started!

Ikon – Measuring Tape


Freemans Measuring Tapes


When it comes to accuracy and reliability in measurement, the FREEMANS Ikon Measuring Tape stand out as an exceptional choice. These measuring tapes are a testament to quality, innovation, and durability, making them an indispensable tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. In this review, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of the FREEMANS Ikon Measuring Tape, demonstrating why they deserve a place in your toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Lock Tape Blade with Press Release Button: The auto-lock mechanism in these tape measures automatically holds the tape blade in place when extended. This feature simplifies measurements over longer distances, eliminating the need for an extra set of hands. The press release button makes retracting the blade a breeze, enhancing convenience and efficiency.


  • Soft Grip Bi-Material Case: The Ikon Measuring Tape features an unbreakable ABS case designed to withstand the toughest demands of a jobsite. The case is overmolded with non-slip rubber, providing a secure and comfortable grip. This ergonomic design ensures that measurements are accurate, reducing the risk of accidents and errors.


  • Dura-Coat Tape Blade: The tape blade is coated with FREEMANS innovative Dura Coat Technology, making it highly resistant to abrasion and repeated use. This results in a tape blade with a 4X longer lifespan compared to standard alternatives. The matte glare-free finish further enhances readability, even in bright outdoor conditions.


  • Belt Clip and Hand Strap: For increased portability and easy storage, these tape measures are equipped with a convenient belt clip and a hand strap. Whether you’re navigating a busy jobsite or simply need to keep your tape measure within reach, these accessories simplify the process.


  • Available Sizes: FREEMANS offers a range of sizes to cater to various measurement needs. The metric sizes range from 3m to 10m, with blade widths ranging from 16mm to 25mm. For those who prefer imperial measurements, sizes range from 10ft to 32ft, with blade widths of 2/3inch to 1inch.


  • Manufactured to Class II Accuracy: These tape measures are engineered to meet Class II accuracy standards. FREEMANS maintains the highest quality by using premium raw materials and components, proudly manufacturing these tape measures in India.


  • Lifetime Warranty: FREEMANS is so confident in the quality of their measuring tapes that they offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. This warranty provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

Tuff – Measuring Tape



Introducing the TUFF Measuring Tapes – a testament to durability and accuracy. Designed to withstand the harshest challenges of the jobsite, these measuring tapes feature an unbreakable ABS case, Dura Coat Technology for extended blade life, and a convenient click-action front lock for longer-distance measurements.

With added portability, a variety of sizes, and the assurance of a lifetime warranty, they are the go-to choose for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. Proudly crafted in India, these measuring tapes embody a commitment to quality that you can trust.

Key Features:

  • Built to Last: The TUFF measuring tapes are designed for the toughest jobsite demands. The unbreakable ABS case and the soft grip bi-material case make them highly resistant to wear and tear. The over moulded non-slip rubber provides a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of any construction or DIY project.


  • Dura Coat Technology: One standout feature of these measuring tapes is the Dura Coat tape blade. This technology ensures exceptional resistance to abrasion and prolonged use, with a remarkable 4X longer life compared to standard tape blades. Additionally, the matte, glare-free finish on the tape blade makes it easy to read measurements even in bright outdoor conditions.


  • Click-Action Front Lock: The click-action front lock is a game-changer. It securely holds the tape blade in place when extended, making measurements over longer distances a breeze. This is a valuable feature for anyone who frequently works on larger projects.


  • Portability and Convenience: TUFF Measuring Tapes come with a belt clip and hand strap for easy storage and portability on the jobsite. No more fumbling around for your tape measure; it’s always within reach when you need it.


  • Variety of Sizes: These measuring tapes are available in both metric and imperial measurements, catering to a wide range of needs. With various length and width options, you can find the perfect TUFF measuring tape for your specific project.


  • Proudly Made in India: One more reason to feel good about choosing FREEMANS TUFF Measuring Tapes is that they are proudly made in India. This reflects a commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


  • Lifetime Warranty: To top it all off, FREEMANS offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects on these measuring tapes. This shows the company’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product.

Protek Measuring Tape



Introducing the PROTEK Measuring Tape, a robust and versatile tool built to withstand the toughest conditions. Crafted with accuracy in India, these measuring tapes feature an unbreakable ABS case over molded with non-slip rubber, ensuring a secure grip.

The click-action front lock and pause button enhance accuracy and efficiency, while Dura-Coat Technology extends the blade’s life by 4X. With three practical sizes and blade widths, these tapes cater to a range of measurement needs. Plus, the lifetime warranty from FREEMANS is a testament to their exceptional durability and quality

Key Features:


  • Rugged Construction: The PROTEK Measuring Tape boasts an unbreakable ABS case that’s capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. The case is thoughtfully over molded with non-slip rubber, providing a secure and comfortable grip. It’s a tool designed to last.


  • Accurate Measurement: The click-action front lock is a standout feature. It holds the tape blade securely in place when extended, ensuring accurate measurements over extended distances. This feature is a game-changer for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: The inclusion of a pause button is a significant convenience. It allows you to temporarily hold the tape blade in place, making quick work of measurements over longer distances. This feature greatly improves efficiency on the job.


  • Long-Lasting Blade: The Dura-Coat Technology applied to the tape blade is a game-changer. It makes the blade highly resistant to wear and tear, extending its life by an impressive 4X. Additionally, the matte glare-free finish ensures measurements are easily readable in various lighting conditions.


  • Versatile Sizing: The PROTEK Measuring Tape is available in three practical sizes – 3m, 5m, and 7.5m – and varying blade widths (16mm, 19mm, and 25mm), catering to a range of measurement needs.


  • Indian Craftsmanship: One notable aspect is that these tapes are proudly made in India, reflecting a commitment to quality. Each tape is carefully designed and manufactured in India’s facilities, ensuring accuracy and reliability.


  • Lifetime Assurance: FREEMANS’ offer of a lifetime warranty on their Measuring Tapes is a remarkable testament to their product’s durability and quality. This warranty provides peace of mind and confidence in the product’s longevity.

Gorilla – Measuring Tape


Introducing the Gorilla Measuring Tapes: A testament to quality and craftsmanship, these measuring tapes are built to impress. From their unbreakable ABS case that safeguards longevity to the secure end hook ensuring precise measurements, these tapes are a reliable companion for any project.

With the added convenience of a built-in belt clip and versatile size options, they cater to a wide range of tasks. Their Class II Accuracy and a lifetime warranty offer peace of mind, while proudly being made in India reinforces their commitment to both quality and local manufacturing.

Key Features:

1. Unbreakable ABS Case: The first thing that struck me was the unbreakable ABS case. It not only adds to the overall durability of the measuring tape but also protects the internal components, ensuring longevity. This is a clear sign of quality craftsmanship.


  • Secure End Hook: The end hook of the measuring tape is equipped with a zinc rivet, which ensures it stays firmly in place while measuring. This feature eliminates any concerns about it slipping or moving, resulting in consistently accurate measurements.


  • Convenient Belt Clip: The built-in belt clip is a small yet invaluable addition. It makes it incredibly convenient to carry the measuring tape around the job site, ensuring it’s always within reach when you need it. This thoughtful design greatly enhances its practicality.


  • Versatile Size Options: The availability of two size options, 3m:16mm and 5m:19mm, makes these measuring tapes suitable for a wide range of tasks. Whether you’re working on small, intricate projects or larger construction endeavors, there’s a size to fit your needs.


  • Class II Accuracy: These measuring tapes are manufactured to Class II accuracy standards, which is a testament to their accuracy and reliability. Knowing that your measurements are consistently accurate is crucial, especially in professional settings.


  • Lifetime Warranty: One of the standout features of these measuring tapes is the lifetime warranty offered by FREEMANS. This not only demonstrates their confidence in the product’s quality but also provides peace of mind that any manufacturing defects will be promptly addressed.


  • Proudly Made in India: It’s also worth noting that the Gorilla Measuring Tapes are proudly made in India, supporting local manufacturing and ensuring that they meet global quality standards.

TRANS – Measuring Tapes



Introducing the TRANS – Measuring Tapes from FMI Limited, your trusted solution for all measuring needs. These tapes offer an array of impressive features, including an unbreakable ABS case, a secure click-action front lock, and a handy pause button for added safety. With vibrant multi-color options, Class II Accuracy, and a lifetime warranty, these tapes are tailored to cater to various preferences and ensure both accuracy and durability in your toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Unbreakable Transparent Case: The unbreakable transparent case is a standout feature. It ensures durability and resilience, making these measuring tapes suitable for the toughest jobsite demands. No need to worry about accidental drops or impacts.


  • Click-Action Front Lock: The click-action front lock is a handy addition. It securely holds the tape blade in place when extended, which is particularly beneficial for longer-distance measurements. This feature promotes accuracy and ease of use.


  • Pause Button: The pause button is a thoughtful safety feature. It allows you to safely pause the tape blade, preventing uncontrolled retraction. This not only enhances safety but also improves the overall usability of the measuring tape.


  • Multi-Color Options: The availability of three fluorescent colors (Red, Yellow, and Green) adds a touch of personalization. It can be helpful for quick identification on a crowded job site and adds a touch of style to your toolkit.


  • Class II Accuracy: The fact that these measuring tapes are designed and manufactured in FMI Limited’s own facility and boast Class II Accuracy is a testament to their quality and accuracy.


  • Lifetime Warranty: The lifetime warranty offered by FREEMANS on these measuring tapes is a significant assurance of their quality and durability. It demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.


  • Available Sizes: The available sizes for these measuring tapes are designed to cater to a range of needs and preferences. They come in two primary size options: a 3-meter tape with a 16mm width and a 5-meter tape with a slightly wider 19mm width. These size choices offer versatility, allowing you to select the one that best suits your specific measuring requirements.


In conclusion, the diverse range of measuring tapes from some of the best measuring tape manufacturers – Ikon, Tuff, Protek, Gorilla and TRANS – offer exceptional options to meet a variety of measuring needs. Whether you require durability, accuracy, or versatility, these measuring tapes have you covered.

The unbreakable ABS cases, secure locking mechanisms, and innovative Dura Coat Technology ensure reliability and longevity. The availability of different sizes and widths caters to specific project requirements, and the lifetime warranties from FREEMANS provide a strong assurance of their quality. Proudly crafted in India, these measuring tapes reflect a commitment to quality and accuracy that both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can trust.

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