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5 Tips Before You Start to Study in the USA



Five Tips Before You Start to Study in the USA

It is the dream of most people to study abroad and some of those people would like to have a piece of the American dream. However, some students may face difficulties or complications during the process of applying and relocating to the U.S.

You need to prepare beforehand for you to have a smooth sailing process and gather all the resources you need in advance. What do you need to do to simplify this process? Here are five tips on how you can prepare to go in the U.S or how to study in the USA.

Settle all Financial Affairs

For you to be able to study in the USA, you need to pay an application fee for your application to be processed. Although this custom is unusual in other countries, perhaps in your home country too, it is a requirement in the U.S.

The application fee that is due may range from fees as small as $25 to $90 depending on the school you are applying for. If you need financial assistance with your fee, you need to put in your financial assistance application as soon as possible.

Above that, you also need to provide financial eligibility proof which maybe your bank statement but, in some cases, they may need additional documents.

Five Tips Before You Start to Study in the USA

Get your Documentation in Order

Getting your passport and other travel documents is a very important step to study in the USA for international students. If you are a not a U.S citizen you will need to include write down your passport number on the application form of the respective school you are applying to.

Other travel documentation you need for you to study in the U.S is a Visa. You can apply for it at the State Department or visit your local U.S consulate. Be advised that if you do not have all the documents you need, you will not be allowed to enter the U.S, which will crush your dream to study there.

Sort out all Academic Matters

All U.S schools will require you to submit your historical academic transcripts, so you have to have that on-hand for whenever they need them. In addition to the transcripts, you will have to take an SAT or ACT exam for you to be admitted to a U.S university or college.

Some colleges and universities may even require you to do additional tests like the GMAT, MACT, etc. When you get accepted at your desired school, the hard work will have begun so you may take some time adjusting in your new home.

So, coping with school work may be hard, so you need to get the help of a reliable research paper writing service. The online writing experts will help you not only with paper writing, but also with dissertation, thesis and college essays.

You may also need to get a TOEFL or IELTS score for you to get accepted at university for a postgraduate or undergraduate course. However, it all boils down to investing some time to finding your academic transcripts from high school, university, college, etc.

Five Tips Before You Start to Study in the USA

Learn as Much as Possible about U.S Culture

Once you have done all of the above and ready to jet sail to America, you will need to learn a lot about the culture and jargon they use. Be prepared to learn a lot of new stuff and be flexible change so you can easily adjust to your new country of residence.

For example, most Americans usually consume preprocessed food and don’t usually have a nice home-cooked meal because of the fast-paced life. Another thing that will directly impact you in the U.S is being punctual.

Even when you arrive on time, you might be considered as a latecomer, especially in professional environments so always show up 5-10 minutes early for classes.

Get Health Insurance

Healthcare can be very expensive in the U.S and a universal healthcare system is not available. So, citizens get their own private healthcare insurance to cover the medical expenses that they incur.

You need to ensure if your current domestic healthcare insurance extends beyond borders and if it doesn’t, you will need to get additional cover. Some insurance providers offer the option of travel insurance. That may be the viable option for you during the time you will spend in the U.S.

Depending on the type of Visa you have, you can choose the type of coverage you need.  Each Visa has its own medical requirements, so you need to have a look at them carefully.

Five Tips Before You Start to Study in the USA

Why Study in the USA

Studying in the U.S is a very beautiful dream that you most probably have, but for that reward, you need to put in the work. Be prepared to make sure that you fit the criteria needed for your application to be accepted.

Once you have been accepted, continue working towards being a socially acceptable American. You can accomplish that by checking off all the boxes of how an American citizen culturally behaves. Be sure that all your paperwork is in order and that you have all the required medical coverage for your stay in America. It might seem like hard work, but the results are well worth it.

By Elizabeth Skinner

Elizabeth Skinner is an education specialist and a blogger addressing student issues like coping with the studies in a difficult environment, technology in education and studying abroad. Her work has influenced many students who have gone on to become highly successful personalities. In her free time, she reads fiction, plays lawn tennis and watched rom-coms on TV.


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