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Effective Ways to Deal with the After-effects of Physical Violence

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Effective Ways to Deal with the After-effects of Physical Violence

Physical violence happens all over the world and at an alarming rate. Most people would experience violent shoving, slapping, pushing or more intense and fatal forms of physical violence at least once in their lifetime.

According to victims advocate Miami-dade County, forms of physical violence include but are not limited to assault, sexual attacks such as rape and sexual assault, robberies, thefts and shootings. Every day, the world experiences new and more dangerous forms of violence against innocent victims. Survivors of physical violence would experience unexpected and surprising emotions, including self-blame, grief and fear. These are some tips for dealing with the aftermath of a violent attack.

1. Acknowledge all Your Feelings

Your first reaction after a violent attack might be numbness. However, after a while, the feelings will start to come, and it’s essential to let yourself process these emotions to help get past the trauma.

After suffering a physical attack, you may experience a flurry of feelings, some of which may include anger, fear, self-loathing, anxiety, and grief. It is important to allow yourself to feel these feelings as if they are a normal reaction.

Talking about this with friends and family may help process these feelings. Other times, you may need to speak with a professional to get the feelings resolved. Some people may also find it helpful to cry to relieve the stress or get over the shock.

2. Think Positive Thoughts

After a violent attack, it’s natural to feel unsafe as you begin to ponder how dangerous the world is. At this time, it’s essential to expose yourself to positive news. Make a deliberate effort to seek out the good news in the world and research tips to keep a positive spirit. Watch the news of people being good to strangers and limit your exposure to violent news. Consciously let go of the feeling that the world is a dark place.

3. Ask for Help

As soon as you survive a violent attack, don’t be afraid to call for help. You can start by reaching out to your loved ones for support. It is also essential to make a police report as soon as possible so that they start searching for the perpetrator. If you have been physically injured, you may also need to seek urgent medical attention.

4. Set Up Security Measures

If you fear your attacker is out there and may attach again, take steps to improve the security around your home. You may need to change the locks, get a protective order, set up surveillance cameras or take self-defence classes. Taking these actions may make you feel more in control of the situation.

5. Find a Support System

At this time, it may be essential to lean on your friends and family more. For the days following the attack, you may need to have someone else stay in your home with you. Depending on the nature of the attack, you may also need to leave your home temporarily. If you do not have close friends and family around, you can reach out to any local organizations in your city that offer victim services. This can bring you the help and support you need to move forward from the attack.

6. Seek Legal Help

If your attack was due to the absence of necessary security measures, after calling the police, you can reach out to a lawyer to discuss the next steps. A victim advocate attorney will help determine who is culpable and ensure you get reasonable legal assistance.

7. Keep your Energy Levels up

Depression is one of the after-effects of a physical attack. One way to keep your spirits up and stay emotionally intense is to make sure you’re getting sufficient rest. If you’re unable to sleep well, try getting some medication to help. You can also try relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing techniques when you feel overwhelmed. Other ways to keep your energy levels up are to eat a healthy diet, work out and avoid a reliance on drugs and alcohol. Remember to give yourself time to feel like yourself again. These techniques can help keep your thoughts positive and lessen the physical effects of anxiety.

8. Know You are Not Alone

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the United States, each minute, about 24 people become victims of physical violence. Almost 3 in every 10 women have some form of physical violence, and about 15% of women have been injured as a result of intimate partner violence. Therefore, even though you might feel like blaming yourself for a physical assault you suffered, remember it is not your fault.


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