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Do Free Online Casino Games Lead to Gambling Addiction

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Although we all love to believe that online gambling is a game of luck, maybe to convince ourselves that we aren’t so bad a player, after all, or perhaps to roll our incompetence under the rug. Well, irrespective of what you think about playing the casino, the real truth remains that the casino isn’t always about whether lady luck smiles on you or frowns at you.

If anything at all, it is as much about your preparation as it is about luck. So, if you want to leave the league of the hopeful gamblers and join the class of the skillful, professional gamblers, then you need to brace yourself and learn a thing or two about the world of gambling. In this light, I’ve compiled a quick overview of five ways you can learn more about gambling and improve your chances of winning.

Read books and articles

So you want to win more at the casino? Well, that’s such a great idea. But the first step you want to take is education. Educating yourself about the top tips involved in gambling, the latest tricks and ideas can go a long way in raising your game and improving your chances of winning. Thanks to modern innovations, you don’t even need to enroll at a casino school to learn all about the rudiments of the game.

These days, you can find quality materials, guides, books, and even blogs online to improve your casino knowledge. Perhaps you love to play roulette, or you’re a big fan of poker, there are always guides online that will take you through the basics and help you attain the pro status. Whether you like it or not, this step is absolutely crucial in the casino world if you ever harbor the hopes of winning more and earning top-dollars.

Watch instructional videos and feeds

While learning through reading is almost always an effective idea, another step in the right direction is video-learning. It has been established that humans tend to understand, remember, and appreciate learning more when they see how it’s done. Instructional videos and live feeds of gamblers are great learning tools. Thanks to the level of digitization we now have in this age, finding such videos and feeds are now easier than ever.

If you follow the right people and hashtags on social media, you will find the right videos. Otherwise, you can even look them up on YouTube and other relevant social platforms. If you’re a poker lover, you can watch thousands of live feeds of poker players and actual hands to analyze what works and why. By and large, instructional videos will show you how it’s done in theory, but live feeds will show you actual people doing it in real-time and under real pressure.

Trial and error

After garnering knowledge from online feeds and blogs, the next thing you want to do is try out all that you’ve learned to see how far you’ve come. Nobody becomes a pro overnight, and surely not you. So after getting the right skill set, you should start trying out something. Even if you fail, you shouldn’t hesitate to try again. However, this step might pose a slight challenge in the form of finding the games to try, but you need not worry, as you’ll find the solution to that in the next frame.

Free online casino games

While the process of “trial and error” will no doubt imbibe in you a sense of expertise and help build your confidence, you still have to find the games to play. Unfortunately, no casino owner will let you come into their casino to try games, even if you’re lucky to find a casino around you. But thanks to modern innovation of online casino games, you need not search for land casinos or beg casino owners for a little “trial and error” session. One of the best learning tools created in the last half-century is free online casino games.

Once you’re ready to start your trial sessions, you will always find a casino online willing to offer you a free account to play just about any game you want. This is a great way to learn the rules of the games, practice what you’ve read in books and online, practice what you’ve seen in videos, and fully master the rudiments of the game, thereby gaining necessary experience.


Finally, experience is the best teacher! No matter how much you read in books, learn in videos, and gain through your trial sessions, some things can only be learned with experience. Therefore, at the end of the day, you’ll still have to go online to play real games and risk real money to build yourself emotionally.

10 easily spotted signs of an Online gambling addiction

Online Gambling addiction can be even developed for one night. At first you start playing just for fun, then you hope activating the bonus round and the next thing – you can’t stop or log out.

Be always on the alert as it is sometimes difficult to spot the signs of gambling addiction. A player may already have a gambling problem:

  • The amount of time one spends on gambling increases.
  • When the player spends more time online and uses gambling to escape from the reality and a developing problem he has got.
  • Player feels upset or even angry when he tries to cut down.
  • When he starts using alcohol or other addictive products
  • Hiding or lie about the amount of time and money he tends to spend on gambling.
  • When he finds it impossible to stop playing even he is losing.
  • The player overspends and starts transferring his debts to family members or friends.
  • When a player reaches a point to struggle to concentrate at work or even often doesn’t go to work without any reason.
  • A player is not able anymore to focus on important things. Very often this state will cause the end of relationships.
  • Not being able to know when to quit and spends time and money even after losing.

If you notice 2 or more of the signs above you must be sure that a serious problem of gambling addiction is present. Try as soon as possible to get help.

Take action to solve the problem

Playing online casino games should be used as a form of pastime and entertainment. As it can provide opportunities of winning it may become risky and destructive. Organizations like as GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous can help people who realize having a  gambling problem.

Never wait until it becomes too late. If you cannot help yourself our recommendation is to contact these organizations. They have helped many players to recover.

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