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DC marijuana

Citizens of DC passed Initiative 71 almost four years ago. Initiative 71 has granted the people permission. The permission is to use DC marijuana for people over the age of 21. The law lets people use their properties to use and grow it Learning How to Buy Weed in DC. But, the main point of the law is not selling marijuana Learn About Ice Cream Cake Strain. One can grow marijuana but not sell it. So a gifting ritual has come forth in DC.

The capital city of DC has made the term “ganjapreneurs,” famous. A person who gifts marijuana and the businesses who gift marijuana are ganjaprenuers. Marijuana is not illegal unless you sell it. There is a separate market for ganjaprenuers.

The people or some tourists may feel uneasiness in that market. So, the people who are interested in marijuana can go there. The government is aware of these rituals. The government also keeps on taking notes of the activities going there.

The culture of marijuana in DC is totally separate from the whole world.

Legality and illegality

Though you cannot sell DC marijuana, you can present it as a gift to anyone. The giving of marijuana as a gift is legal while selling it is illegal. A person who is giving a small penny to get marijuana is not doing any legal activity.

Many people wanted to use DC marijuana, but they were not able to sell or purchase it. After that, the citizens started gifting culture. In this culture, they can gift marijuana along with other things they have purchased. Maybe those people who want marijuana have to purchase minimal one thing from the market.

This culture is not limited to markets only. You can find marijuana in pharmacies also. Some dispensaries also give marijuana along with the medicines. You have to provide proper medical identification or medical history of pharmacies and dispensaries. The procedure is the same as all other countries, but you get an additional piece that is marijuana.

Online business

Online businesses are also involved in this process. Any online business, whether it is clothing, groceries, pharmacies, can provide you with marijuana. You can purchase any preferable product online, and then you can get marijuana at your doorstep.

The online business is one of the most successful ways of getting marijuana in your footstep. Marijuana is a gift from the company. Maybe you just purchased a razor, and you get a piece or a small bag of marijuana free.

The success of gifting strategy

This strategy has been proved to be successful. After this culture or idea, almost all of the businesses have observed a change in their sales. People are buying more products to get marijuana. The more costly a product is, the more marijuana you will get.

A CEO of an art gallery has recently given his views on this situation. His art gallery observed more audience or sales when they started giving marijuana as a gift. So, you cannot find marijuana gifting rituals in one or two businesses only.

Almost every company and business have accepted this ritual or thought.

Their average sales have seen a rise.

Their customer experience has improved since the last year.

An initiative was started in the year 2014 about the legalization of marijuana. Almost eight states, along with DC, made the buying and selling of marijuana illegal at that time. Still, all of these states are following these rules. The term marijuana as a drug that can have bad effects.

Who is involved in the gifting ritual?

As you can see, everyone has marijuana in DC on the streets. Some cannot have it. Though the marijuana is still considered a drug. But, a specific age group is made legal to hold it. People above the age of 21 are legal to carry or use or gift marijuana.

Any person under the age of 21 is illegal to use marijuana. If a person below 21 is seen with marijuana, the government is able to take action against him. So, if you are above 21, you are able to give or take marijuana as a gift.

Initiative 71

Initiative 71 has also included this thing. They stated mainly these things:

  • You cannot sell marijuana or buy it.
  • The people above 21 are legal to gift marijuana.
  • The transfer of marijuana is legal but without payment.
  • You cannot gift marijuana more than two ounces.
  • Anyone with more than two-ounce marijuana is answerable to the government.

The after-effect of Initiative 71

After this law, the city was disheartened for some time. But soon enough, people came up with multiple plans. Almost everyone owned and accepted the gifting idea.

Now, you can buy a shirt for 5 dollars and get marijuana up to 2 grams. Likewise, the costlier you get, you can reach up to two ounces of marijuana.


The economy has changed after the DC gifting ritual. A business that was too famous got famous after gifting marijuana. The overall economy of the DC has also been changed after this gifting ritual.

Preventive measures

As people are gifting out marijuana, there are some preventive measures to take. People can get high when they are regularly exposed to marijuana.

  • They have to wear gloves in order not to have skin contact with marijuana.
  • They have to wear the mask in order not to get high.
  • They cannot shake hands as it can transfer the marijuana effect.
  • The gloves are also necessary while dealing with cash. So, an online transaction process is getting famous.
  • The place must have regular cleaning services.


As a result of these measures, people have modified their rules.

  • People now use credit cards.
  • Almost every business accepts credit cards now.
  • People prefer to have marijuana from online orders.
  • The company gives money to the employees who get sick because of marijuana.

More clients

As people avoid direct contact with marijuana, especially online businesses have observed more clients. And after coronavirus, people are more inclined towards online purchasing. This is the reason you can find almost every business in DC online.


Many events occur almost everywhere. People hold events at their homes or parties where they gift marijuana to their guests. When have to give marijuana, the market holds a public event that increases the sales of their products along with gifting marijuana. People participate in those events and buy their products so that they can have some portion of marijuana. This increases events, parties, and public gatherings.


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