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6 Different Ways for Targeting Different Cities Without Affecting Your SEO



Understanding the Importance of SEO for Manufacturing Companies

When you are looking for a local plumber and getting global results from Google search, will you be satisfied? You will have to go through how many pages to find a local beautician?  On the other hand, imagine how tough it becomes for the local business that is facing the competition globally. Luckily there is a solution named local SEO. Let us go through the importance of the local SEO and the different ways for targeting various cities without hurting SEO.

Importance of Local SEO

  • Attract Foot Traffic- With the help of the local 10X White Label SEO, you get specific queries and orders. For example, when you are craving for a pizza, you will not learn about the history of the pizza or where it was originated. You will simply order your favorite pizza online or will visit the counter to have one.
  • Higher Rank on Google- Local SEO helps you to rank higher on Google search. The clicks on your website will increase and the keyword ranks will also increase.

Local City Pages: Bad or Good for SEO?

You may have created a particular content and published it in your main webpage. There may be different inner pages which is city-specific in your website. So the exact content can be published just by changing the names of the cities. But Google have observed this technique as spam and have penalized when it rolled out the panda update. Thus city pages may not be good and may affect your SEO activities.

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So, What Can Be the Different Ways of Targeting Different Cities?

Obtain The Local Map Pack Of Google

When you are searching for a local plumber and only three names appear, the three businesses are very lucky in getting their chance. But are they simply lucky? Or they have put some additional efforts to get featured? To get verification from Google, you need to increase your chance of visibility. Google always prioritizes those sites that are verified by them.

So you need to sign up for a profile, and fill up with all your details. You should add your operating hours, the address of your store, the name of your business, contact numbers, and the pictures. As everyone prefers real photos, you should add some good quality pictures of your store. If you can get good reviews and leverage on them, there are high chances that you will be featured with the local map pack of Google.

Use Business Profile Of Google

Google’s goal is to provide the best relevant search results to the online searchers. They will provide the people with the best possible search so that they can obtain exactly what they are looking for.

When your business gets verified, you have higher chances of getting higher ranks in the SERP. When you are entering the business profile of Google, you are conveying to Google about your exact business, about where you are located and what you are offering. The business profile is free to use and anyone can enter it.


Create Internal Links

You should build a strong internal linking structure that will help in improving your SEO. Though external links pointing to your website works amazingly but you do not have control over the external links. Internal links will help in showing Google about all the important pages of your website; improve the navigation of the website, and the improvement of the architecture of the website.

Build NAP citations

NAP means Name, Address, and Phone number. When you are providing your business information online, you should place NAP within your website. It is advisable to put NAP at the bottom of the homepage, so that it becomes easy for the visitors to find them.

Optimize a Responsive Website

When you found out that your tap is leaking at the middle of the night, do you search a plumber from your phone or laptop? You will obviously go for the phone to get a quick response in this emergency situation. Not only at the middle of the night, 59% of the website traffic comes from the mobile search. So your website should be optimized for mobile search. Here are some ways by which you can make your website mobile friendly

  • Text blockers and pop-ups to be avoided
  • When you are creating website from WordPress, make sure you are selecting the mobile-friendly website.
  • Responsive website that fits into every screen size
  • Make sure you are placing all the important information on the front or center
  • You should prioritize on the large fonts
  • Never make too small buttons

Use Schema markup

Your local SEO may get affected with the structured schema or the schema markup. Structuring a markup may seem difficult if you are not a developer. But it is actually not that difficult. The schema markup is used for improving the appearance of the search result and will help you to get the relevant results for every query.

Schema markup helps to improve the click through rates as the content remains very eye-catching. When you have selected the right category within Schema, it will always help in matching the local landing pages. By combining the local business profile and the Schema, the search results and the keyword ranks are improved.

seoAre You Ready For Targeting Local SEO?

In this article it is very clear that local SEO is very important. As you are functioning in multiple locations in different cities, it does not mean that local SEO will not work for you. You should plan the way in which you go ahead with your local SEO activities. You may want to list all your locations in a single page or create each landing page for a single location. Whatever you are choosing, be aware of the local SEO power where your target customers will be attracted towards their neighborhood business.


As location is one of the driving factors in creating the local SEO, you should be very careful using the locations as the keywords. When you are targeting locally, make sure NAP citations are properly done in your website, so that the visitors get all the information when they visit your website.

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