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Stucco Painting and Repair: 2 Top Reasons to Hire a Professional



Stucco Painting and Repair: 2 Top Reasons to Hire a Professional

Stucco is a high-end surface that adorns commercial business buildings, where each proprietor has varied tastes. The expensive surface needs a certain degree of upkeep to look aesthetic. It comprises occasional repairs, like filing the chips and the cracks, and commercial stucco painting and repair services. And with daily maintenance, the stucco will appear stunning.

The stucco and repair repair is different from the DIY situation, which means at the time of extensive restoration, it needs to be carried out by a professional mason using several years of experience. As you get the correct painting crew, you are required to get the skills for making minor repairs before starting the painting.

For instance, when you join hands with an ace service provider, such as Express Quality Painting for commercial buildings, you can access the best services to take care of minor damages. It will ensure that the paint is applied correctly and the final product will appear outstanding.

Why do you require stucco paining for commercial properties?

To explain in simple terms, stucco is a surface made using lime and cement-based plaster, which gets applied atop the backing material. When the commercial stucco contractors correctly apply to the building exterior, it can get all the durable qualities and can last for a long time.

But all this is not impervious to the harsh weather, which can take a toll on its surface. Several damages can present as peeling or fading pain. You can impact the injury, which can take place owing to the flying debris at the time of a storm. And this alone can result in stucco chunks missing.

Even though the stucco durability is one selling point for using, you can opt-in for it in place of other surface kinds, comprising cedar, vinyl siding and fabricated wood siding. The stucco also has a distinct look that several commercial property owners would want.

Why must you resort to stucco? The reasons are because it is:

  • Fire resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • An excellent addition to the curb appeal
  • Less expensive compared to other premium materials, comprises of brick and stone
  • Affordable when you think about repainting it
  • Replete with the noise-canceling qualities

Having said that, stucco painting is easy and affordable. But there exist a few rules which you need to execute. Commercial painters are aware of how to use elastomeric paint, masonry paint, and acrylic paint. It is one of the professional painters who is aware that they shouldn’t make use of oil-based paint, despite that being the most apparent option for exterior colors.

Finally, you also need to look at repairing the stucco and know that it is something other than what an amateur can do. There are experts for that, and you need to touch base with them. They can assess the damage extent and provide you with the solution you need. It will help you make the correct decision with stucco painting and use your money well.


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