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5 Reasons to Use Natural Products to Treat Acne Problems



5 Reasons to Use Natural Products to Treat Acne Problems

Natural ingredients have been used to treat skin conditions like acne for generations. From Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal treatments to grandma’s home remedies, there’s a lot to vouch for them. Unfortunately, skin care was and is dominated by over-the-counter synthetic drugs and clinical treatments that come with several side effects. On the other hand, the good news is that natural skin care is buzzing around now with tons of brands promoting natural and organic products to treat acne!

All-natural is especially the rage when it comes to fighting breakouts and blemishes. Why is that? Why should you switch the salicylic acids to botanical oils and extracts? Also why should you be ditching the harsh chemicals for pure ingredients? Read on to find out!

Natural acne products cause less dryness and irritation

Over-the-counter acne treatment products usually come loaded with a number of chemicals, fillers and additives. They dry out the skin and cause redness, allergic reactions and inflammation. And guess what’s ironic? This increases the proneness to further breakouts.

Natural skin care products are milder. They don’t include harsh alcohols and chemicals like benzoyl peroxide. Botanical ingredients contain organic fatty acids that keep the skin’s moisture locked in. This makes the skin supple and hydrated.

Ingredients like tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, witch hazel, aloe vera and jojoba oil are common in natural products to combat acne. These plant-based oils and extracts have anti-inflammatory properties. They prevent irritation, redness and the painful swelling that comes with acne. As a result, the skin stays away from the damage of lesions, pimples and hyperpigmentation.

Natural cleansers and exfoliators like charcoal soap, konjac sponge and clay masks effectively get rid of excess oil and impurities from the skin and pores. They control the oil deposits on the skin without drying it up or irritating the skin.

What’s more? These ingredients also have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They protect the skin from the bacteria that cause breakouts. With natural products, you get all-round acne-treatment and skin protection.

They are rich in antioxidants that repair the skin

Acne is not just painful, it leaves behind unsightly scars. The result? Skin that is riddled with dark spots and patches and has a flawed and uneven tone.

An effective acne treatment doesn’t just involve alleviating breakouts but also focuses on skin repair. Acne releases free radicals that cause oxidative damage to the skin leading to excess melanin production in the affected area. Your acne skin care routine needs to help you get rid of hyperpigmentation and encourage new skin cell growth. What the skin needs is a good dose of antioxidants.

Natural acne-fighting ingredients are rich in antioxidants like:

  • Polyphenols such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, stilbenes, lignans
  • Vitamins like vitamin A, E, C
  • Carotenoids like carotene, xanthophylls

These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and prevent the damage caused by them. They also encourage skin cell recovery and regeneration and brighten dark spots. Scars fade and become lighter. The skin tone becomes more smooth and even.

They promote the skin’s natural flora

Did you know that there’s a colony of healthy microorganisms that lives on the skin! Yes, it’s like the probiotics in the gut. These microorganisms constitute the skin microbiome and are extremely crucial to skin health.

The microbiome supports healthy skin functions like regulating oil production – very critical for acne-prone skin. They also strengthen the skin’s barrier to external aggressions like UV radiation. They boost the skin’s immunity and promote repair and recovery.

Clinical and synthetic medication sterilizes the skin’s microbiome. While fighting the harmful acne-causing bacteria, they also wipe out the healthy bacteria therefore ruining the microbiome. As a result, the skin becomes more prone to damage and has less scope for repair.

Natural ingredients not only inhibit the bad bacteria but also promote the skin microbiome. They work in balance to improve skin health in a wholesome manner. This means you get minimum side effects and can use the products over longer periods. You don’t need to worry about long-term damage and drug resistance anymore!

They come free from preservatives, silicones and fake fragrances

Most beauty treatment products contain parabens which are synthetic preservatives for longer shelf life. These parabens are known to disrupt the normal functioning of hormones and are linked with increased cancer risk and reproductive damage. The sad thing is that we are still unaware of the many other damages they can cause!

Then there are additives like silicones. Silicones are commonly used in moisturizers to make them smooth, light and easy to apply. But they are also comedogenic which means they clog the pores. Clogged pores means more breakouts, more skin irritation and more damage. More importantly, there’s no real way to know what kind of reactions these artificial ingredients cause in our bodies.

What’s more? Artificial fragrances. All synthetic skincare comes with strong, fake scents that can trigger headaches and also cause hormonal changes. Scents are trade secrets and as a customer, there’s no way you can find out what is actually used to make them.

You’re better off without the overload of toxic, synthetic chemicals and with more control over what goes on and into your body. Especially when it comes to treating acne, you want to be careful and use products with transparent ingredients that are pure and simple and most importantly, safe. Fragrances are best when they’re real and pure, aren’t they?

They are more environmentally friendly

While buying and using a skin care product, do you wonder how the product was made? Where were the ingredients sourced from? Where does your responsibility and accountability come when it comes to the environment? Can you feel happy with beautiful skin when you’re contributing to environmental damage?

Most natural and organic skin care products are made with sustainably sourced ingredients. They have less environmental impact. They also come packaged in recycled, eco-friendly paper.

The bottom line

Natural skin care products for treating acne can provide wholesome benefits without side effects. As a result, they are safer and more effective in long term treatment when compared to over-the-counter products. It might be time for us to rethink our skin care routine to include more natural products and perhaps some of those grandma’s remedies to fight acne!

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