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3 Important Tips on Electric Car Towing Services



electric car towing service

Electric cars are eco-friendly and one of the most popular types of vehicles in today’s time. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, the popularity of these cars can’t be denied. You must know that electric cars are like just any other car. If it breaks down suddenly, you will need car towing in Sydney service.

It is estimated that by 2035, electric cars like Tesla will take over significantly on the vehicle market. If you are planning to get an electric car, you need to keep a check on your driving habits. You may need to install plugs in your home as these can be one of the best additions.

Electric Car Towing

What if your electric car breaks down suddenly? What if the charge of your electric car stops working? You will need a prominent service to come out of the situation. The best thing to do in such a situation is to get a car towing service like

Having a charging port in the house is one of the major requirements for getting a car towing service. However, the charge can definitely run out. So, in such cases, you can opt for tow service in Sydney from the professionals at Foxman Towing. After all, it is always better to be prepared.

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1. Why do You Need to Tow an Electric Car?

Towing an electric car isn’t easy. Although it’s the same as any other vehicle, handling the electric car with care is always advisable. Therefore, rather than doing it all by yourself, you must look for an affordable and cheap car towing in Sydney.

Electric cars are advanced vehicles that use the latest technology and have extra features. However, they can be quite tough to handle. Despite all the updated features, you can’t deny the fact that these can easily break down. One of the most common problems you can suffer from an electric car is a flat tire.

The modern-day car designers aren’t focusing enough on providing spare tire space. Therefore, while driving, you are likely to come across a flat tire problem with your car.

Electric vehicles can easily run out of charge. When there is no extra or sufficient charge in the vehicle, it will stop. However, the only good thing is that the car’s safety system will provide you with numerous warnings before the car comes to a halt. Hiring a service can be extremely helpful.

Despite the several warnings, it will come to a halt which can eventually be a problem. Therefore, you will need to hire an electric vehicle towing. The break is one of the essential components of any vehicle – be it gas or electric.

If you ever find there’s a problem with the brakes, you should consider towing it at the nearest place. It is advisable to get it repaired. Towing can be extremely helpful in taking the vehicle to the right place.

Furthermore, many people also consider towing when they are moving places. Towing can be of great help in such situations. During the entire process of moving, your vehicle will be prone to wear and tear.

Therefore, the only reliable thing to do in such a situation is to pull over. A Towing company can help in car towing in Sydney. If you are moving from one place to another or you are moving long distances, you can contact them.

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2. Is there a Neutral in the Vehicle?

One of the most important things to note about electric vehicles is that there are no gearboxes. Therefore, you won’t be able to find a neutral in the electric vehicle. However, there is a transport mode in these electric vehicles that function in the same manner as a neutral.

The dedicated transport mode may also feature a wide range of extra features. Tesla is known for its electric vehicles. Over the years, there have been significant developments in those as well.

The dedicated transport mode in these can further help to prevent any misuse and accident. The dedicated modes can also feature an air suspension that will help to prevent battery draining which can be useful in emergency situations.

Transporting an electric vehicle may seem like a feasible option. However, flat towing is never an option. You should not consider flat towing for your vehicle if you are moving long distances.

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3. Towing an Electric Vehicle

Trying to tow an electric vehicle can be risky. Furthermore, there is always room for errors. These vehicles are likely to be prone to damage when they are not being towed.

It is extremely crucial to hire professionals who know everything about towing in Sydney. Electric vehicles usually feature a tow eye that can be helpful. Nonetheless, you must consider checking the manual of the vehicle to determine the entire towing process.


Electric vehicles are one of the biggest investments. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a check on the basics to prevent any damage.

You must consider reaching out to professionals such as Foxman Towing for car towing in Sydney. With expertise in the field, they will determine the most effective method for towing your vehicle.

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