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Ranking Your Local Food Business in Bangkok, Thailand for 2022



Local Food Business in Bangkok

Thailand is famous all around the world for its iconic Thai food and any local food business. According to an expectation, there are around 100000 restaurants established in the country. This figure is monstrous, considering the size!

And talking of local street vendors in the country, the number rose beyond 500000. Therefore, you are getting a lot of opportunities if you have thought of owning a local Food business in Bangkok.

You need to have good marketing teams if you want to rank your local food business in Bangkok. You really have to work on content promotion when you are trying to establish your food business in Bangkok.

In this article, we are going to focus on the ways you could follow to rank your Local Food Business in Bangkok.

The Best Restaurants In Bangkok

There are many restaurants that are operating in Bangkok. But some of them created their own niche through food quality and a whole lot of other aspects.

These restaurants are highly recommended among the general public. A list has been provided based on different Standpoints:

1. Reserve A Table Online

There are some restaurants where you can book tickets online. Besides offering a wide range of food, the registration system is also noteworthy.

The best among them includes Goji Kitchen and Benihana.

2. Fine Dining

This is another segment to look out for. There are hundreds of Fine Dining restaurants. But among them, the best includes Akira Back and Ministry of Crab.

3. Local Cuisine

There are thousands of local cuisines in Bangkok. Among the top, you have Zabbanglove and The House of Smooth Curry. These are known for both quality and pricing.

4. Moderately Priced Section

This is the section where the people search for quality food and that too at budget-friendly prices. The ones that are highly recommended include Sirimahannop and The White Flower Bakery and Restaurant.

5. Cheap Eats

This is quite a popular section, and the ones that are champions in this section are Kalyana Restaurant and Son of Saigon.

6. Coffee And Tea

Our final list includes Coffee and Tea. Students and Office goers frequent these restaurants. Steps and The Lobby Lounge wins hands down in this segment.

Rank Your Local Business In Bangkok

Who doesn’t want that its local eatery or restaurant successfully draws the public? So naturally, this successfully ranks your restaurant.

Therefore you need to have certain plans in place, to rank your restaurant.

1. Great Food

This comes first on our list. When you are selling food, you are to do it the best possible way. Be the best in the trade, and you will pass with flying colors.

This will help you attain fame as a local food business. But how to rank? The ranking comes with creating excellence and standardizing.

If you are not able to do things differently, you are not going to succeed under any circumstances, believe us.

2. Create Trust Among The Locals

Let me remind you that emerging as one of the best is no easy task. You need to work hard persistently towards serving the customers.

Quality products and service is another issue. According to a statistical report, 75% of the respondents said they would visit the restaurants in the coming six months, notwithstanding the COVID stagnation.

So you, being an owner, need to prepare yourself so that you pounce on the opportunity. This is a must-do when you are promoting a local food business.

Ranking in the present term denotes taking steps to strengthen your websites.

With a well-built website, you are able to reach the common people. You need to optimize your website according to current conventions.

The ways are always changing with time. So with SEO initiatives, you can rank your local food business in Bangkok.

3. Optimising Your Website

You need to take certain steps to optimize your websites. Writing good website content is not enough.

Stuffing keywords is also an important factor in this development. You need to use high-quality backlinks to strengthen your website. And the URLs and the H2 tags are also highly important in ranking your website.

Don’t underestimate the Meta Texts. However, they do not play a decisive factor in ranking your website but play a decisive role in giving clear ideas.

4. Using Google Places And Local Google Plus

Google placer allows the restaurants to show up food trucks and catering businesses in Google Search and Google Maps. This helps customers find addresses and get other important contact information. With Google+, you can communicate with your customers.

5. Social Media

  • Promoting your food business locally or Globally?
  • Promoting your food business in Bangkok or Birmingham?

This is not a factor. But are you managing your Social Media effectively?

Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are extremely useful tools for restaurant owners to promote and engage.

Ensure that all your social media profiles have your physical contacts and weblinks. They are quite important for your local food business.

6. Reviews

You must ask your customer for genuine reviews about restaurants on Google+ and other web platforms.

You can even go for personal calls and ask about the food, services, and other aspects. Especially if you are running a restaurant in Bangkok, you need to ask for reviews.

Apart from the ones mentioned and discussed, there are different ways that you could follow in order to rank your restaurant business in Bangkok.

Remember, constant monitoring and surveillance improve your business opportunity.


You need to understand that improving the business is extremely important. You need to be creative in every aspect of the business.

Running a restaurant business is no small thing, and it involves great challenges.

So you must continuously work on your promotion to rank your local food business.

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