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Complaints Continue Over Food Quality in School Lunch Program

In late July, a parent posted a message on Facebook that the school lunch consisted of vegetables and hard rice. 

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BANGKOK – There have been an increased number of complaints regarding the poor quality of food provided in the school lunch project. In late July, a parent posted a message on Facebook that the school lunch consisted of vegetables and hard rice.

The message was widely shared, and raised a storm of criticism on social media. Prompting the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to speed up an investigation into school lunches.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok, visited Bam Phen Nuea School, Minburi district, along with relevant parties to inspect the implementation of the student lunch program.

Initially, Mrs. Tharaworarat, the school’s director, explained that on the day of the complaint, there was sufficient food but the school ran out of rice.

On that day, the school’s director said she was absent and had to attend a meeting. When she learnt of the matter, she ordered more rice be cooked. Photos were taken when the school ran out of rice.

The Deputy Governor, said he had instructed schools under his administration to organize a breakfast and lunch project. Each school will use a specific system to hire cooks and provide the amount of food is provided as stipulated.

The BMA will verify the facts, to see if it was a problem caused by the school’s administration. Should the school be found guilty, a inquiry committee would be formed.

Teacher Transferred Over Exposing Corruption in School Lunches

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Meanwhile, The Anti-Corruption Organization has urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to exercise its powers to protect whistle blowers.

The call comes after a teacher was transferred after exposing a school of serving students unhealthy lunches. She has since been reinstated – and the school director has been moved instead.

Ms. Om-aree Khengrith, a kindergarten teacher suspected corruption in the school’s lunch program after the food was found to be of substandard. With poor quality, such as fried instant noodles without meat or egg, and no fruit.

Rather than being protected, she was intimidated, having a bag of pig’s blood thrown into her classroom last week.

Khru Om’s case went viral on social media, attracting many followers who heaped praise upon her for her blowing the whistle on the school meal scandal.


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