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Jen’s English Tip’s – Related words that take different Prepositions





Related words that take different prepositions


Some words that have very similar meanings take different prepositions after them.

According to / in accordance with
According to him the end justifies the means. / In accordance with his advice, I started dieting.

Affection for / affectionate to
She has great affection for her children. / The old woman is affectionate to all.

Alternate with / alternative to
Day and night alternate with each other. / Night is the alternative to day.

Ambition for / ambitious of
His ambition for power brought about his ruin. / He is ambitious of power.

Confidence in / confident of
She has great confidence in her skills. / She is confident of success.

Descend from / descendent of
He descended from a royal family. / He is a descendent of the former king of Nepal.

Desire for / desirous of
He has no desire for fame or riches. / She is desirous of meeting her children.

Except for / exception to
Except for a few spelling mistakes, this is a good essay. / I take exception to your remark.

Fond of / fondness for
She is fond of chocolates. / She has great fondness for her children.

Hinder from / hindrance to
He hindered me from going. / Unemployment is a hindrance to progress.

Infatuated with / infatuation for
He is infatuated with his boss’s daughter. / His infatuation with a girl led him astray.

Neglectful of / negligent in
He is neglectful of his duty. / He is negligent in his work.

Qualified for / disqualified from
He is well-qualified for the job. / He is disqualified from practicing as a doctor.


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