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Jen’s English Tip’s – Expressions with “Pleasure”





Expressions with “Pleasure

Here is a list of expressions using the word pleasure.

Don’t believe I’ve had the pleasureThis expression is used to suggest that you haven’t met someone yet.

John: My name is John. I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.Mark: Hello. I’m Mark. Nice to meet you.John: Nice to meet you too.

Business before pleasureThis expression is used to suggest that one should complete one’s work before starting to relax.

I’d like to go to the movies with you, but I have got a few things to do. Business before pleasure.

My pleasureIf someone thanks you, you can say ‘My pleasure’. It is another way of saying ‘You’re welcome.’

Susie: Thank you very much for helping me with the homework.Maria: My pleasure.

‘My pleasure’ can also mean ‘Nice to meet you.’

Bill: Hi Tom. Meet my cousin Mary.Tom: My pleasure.

There is no pleasure without painYou have to suffer some pain if you want to enjoy pleasure.

I absolutely enjoyed my holiday in the Caribbean’s, but it is going to take me several months to pay for it. There is no pleasure without pain.

With pleasureThe expression ‘with pleasure’ shows eager consent to do something.

Maria: Would you get me something to drink?Mary: With pleasure.

Mix business with pleasureTo mix business with pleasure is to combine work with enjoyment. This expression tends to have a negative usage. I would rather not mix business with pleasure.


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