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Jen’s English Tip’s – Common Mistakes while using Prepositions

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Common mistakes while using prepositions

Prepositions are an integral part of English. We all have been learning about prepositions since childhood, but still even advanced learners get confused between the usage of these short words (at, on, in, etc.) There are no set rules that can help you get prepositions right at all times. However, with practice you can definitely learn to get it right at most times.

Like in mathematics, if a single step is incorrect, the whole solution turns out incorrect. The same is applied in English. If there is a single misplaced word or mock words in the sentence, then the sentence may perhaps become meaningless.

Prepositions are small words which are not as easy as they look. Let us look at some common mistakes which happen while using prepositions.

Situation-based preposition use

1) While Meeting:Meet (meeting) means when someone meets another person “face to face”. But adding a preposition ‘with’ will make a completely different meaning along with it.

Incorrect- I am going to meet with my best friend.

Correct- I am going to meet my best friend.When you use ‘with’ in this situation you form the following sentence;

Incorrect- I am in a meeting the client.

Correct-  I am in a meeting with the client.

2) While showing the difference:When you want to show a difference between two things, you can use ‘from’ in the sentence. But most of the people use ‘than’ while showing the difference which is incorrect.

Incorrect- His answers were different than his partner’s.

Correct- His answers were different from his partner’s.

3) While Asking:When someone asks something we use “for” to give something.

Incorrect- She asked a book.

Correct- She asked for a book.We do not use the preposition ‘for’ with ask when we ask a person to say something.

Incorrect- I wanted to ask for you about the incident.

Correct- I wanted to ask you about the incident.

4) While talking about timing:When we talk about the event that has been happening from the past and is still continuing, we use ‘for’.

Incorrect- He has been working out from the last two months.

Correct- He has been working out for the last two months.

Here is the test to check your knowledge about prepositions.

1. We are going __ holiday this week. (on, to, for)

2. Who is that person standing __ top of the mountain? (in, for, on)

3. She was watching a movie __ theatre. (on, in, onto)

4. She lived ___ the street. (across, in, over)

5. Are you going to stay there __ the whole week? (until, for, into)

Answers:1. For2. On3. In4. Across5. ForThe above explanation about prepositions will surely help you to avoid the mistakes in future. This will help you understand the language and help you overcome your mistakes while speaking English.


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