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Jen’s English Tip’s – After all and at all





After all and at all


After all


This expression is used for saying that something is true in spite of what was said, done or planned before. When after all is used with this meaning, it usually goes at the end of the clause.

I managed to answer very few questions. I passed the test after all.
I’m sorry, but we are backing out of the deal after all.
Tom wasn’t keen on becoming a lawyer. He went to law school after all.

This expression is also used for giving a reason to explain something you have said.
With this meaning, after all can go at the beginning or at the end of the clause.

She should be able to live on her own – she is twenty, after all.
I do like him. After all, he is my brother.
I’m not all that ambitious. After all, money can’t buy happiness.
Don’t punish him. After all, he is a mere child.

At all

This expression is used for emphasis. It is used when you are asking or saying whether something is even slightly true. It is common after words such as nothing, anything, anyone and any.

Does she speak any English at all?
He doesn’t know anything at all about computers.
Has her health improved at all?
The situation hasn’t improved at all.
I haven’t got any money at all.


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