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Possible Ways for Solana Growth: What To Know Before Investing In Solana



Possible Ways for Solana Growth: What To Know Before Investing In Solana

The gaining traction in crypt space is SOL known as Solana’s Star cryptocurrency which has reached its all-time high cryptocurrency due to which its price value suddenly goes high.

Further, its price value kept on rising as much as other currencies have had some January. The proof of its success in full market condition can be considered through its token values.

The crypto tokens have demonstrated their competitiveness just like Ethereum Assassin after surpassing Cardano in the crypto market. The competitive benefit of Solana on Ethereum is benefitted to its advanced contract feature.

Instead of a $408 billion market valuation interval between both cryptocurrencies, experts are figurative of Solana’s possibility to overturn Ethereum if its rendition is remarkable in the long run.

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The uniqueness of Solana?

As compared to its competitor if we talk about the first launcher currency after Bitcoins I.e. Ethereum is supposed to be a young cryptocurrency that has placed its position in the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies. The inauguration of Ethereum was done by the person named Anatoly Yakovenko in 2021.

Because it contributes to smart contracts with the innovation of decentralized applications. However, the different part of Solana is that among 2200 digital currencies, it fits between the Proof of Stake and Proof of Work consensus mechanism. Whereas PoS is helpful for crypto holders to cross-check the transactions occurring on the network whereas PoH is beneficial to speed up the required verification process.

Contributory Factor To The Recent Price Rally

The twist arises in blockchain gaming while the recent price rally has become the sole contributory factor to the. In recent scenarios, cryptocurrency is one of the best and most offered platforms for developers who are working with non-fungible tokens like NFTs and de-fi.

Thus, as the Ethereum transaction fees are volatile, many people prefer to use Solana for their crypto-related tasks. There is a probability the blockchain gaming enterprise for Solana will activate both NFTs and their coordination with blockchains, due to which the Solana platform of gaming provision is much more mature as compared to earlier times.

Core comparison between Solana Vs. Ethereum: The Trajectory of ‘Ethereum Killer’

Ethereum placed an extraordinary place in history but if we see Solana, it has been hitting every cylinder of cryptocurrency competitiveness, particularly on Ethereum as it has been praised as an “Ethereum killer”.

The trading volume of Solana was $1.6 at the outset of 2021, but as long as its value rises, the trading volume of Solana reached US$1.6 and its importance has gone up by 18,500% to reach a $165 pr, despite hitting $270 in the last ten months.

However, as we talk about the smart contract’s abilities, Solana and Ethereum are subtle with this characteristic. Ethereum transactions are somewhat low whereas Solana is competent at fast and proficient marketing.

This kind of transaction procedure specified with Solana facilitates the platform to create over 52,000 transactions within a second. Moreover, we can see an extraordinary development of NFT as it increases its sales on Solana because its price value has reached past $510 million since March 2023.

However, it is obvious that the Solana currency has intriguing characteristics, but thriving above Ethereum is something that might help to take a long period to be accomplished.

Price prediction of Solans

As long as Solana markets with $500 what else remains to achieve for Solana? Moreover during 2022, while the winds of Solana were going down, the coin value forecast has assumed that Solana will surely hit the market by growing more and will reach its possible maximum market price by the end of the year.

Moreover, crypto experts were also expecting that the loan prices will be doubled in 2023 as compared to 2022 and reached four times greater.


Although everyone believed that Solana will develop to be the top platform for NFTs and de-fi, comprising blockchain gaming. Despite the substantial development of Solana in the digital market, Solana has to worry only about Ethereum 2.0 in terms of the growth phase. However, generally, Solana is somehow prospering in the crypto space and it is obvious there are enormous possibilities for it soon.

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