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Drug Dealer Uses Young Son as Cover in Chiangrai School



The two said they get the pills from a friend in the area and sell to students at 100 baht each


CHIANGRAI – The Royal Thai Police have arrest two men for selling yaba to students at a school in Chiang Rai Province, one of them using his own young son as part of the operation.

Arping Sae-Taew, 33, pretended to send his seven-year old son to the school to avoid drawing suspicion while  he sold methamphetamine to students.

Police mounted a sting operation and found 16 yaba pills in Arping’s pocket and four more pills with his associate, Tomanai Sae-Loo, 19.

The two said they get the pills from a friend in the area and sell to students at 100 baht each.

Police suggest parents and teachers closely monitor children’s behaviour due to increasing drug distribution in school areas.

Yaba means ‘crazy medicine’ in Thai

It comes in a pill form and the user melts it down and the vapors from the smoke are inhaled. This drug can also be injected, but is mainly smoked. It is a highly addictive drug, and young and old people alike are becoming addicted to it.

This drug is highly used throughout Thailand’s schools, and unfortunately many of these students are not aware of the harmful and addictive effects, until it is too late. Yaba abuse is so rampant among the younger Thais that schools are carrying out random urine tests on their students.

Thailand has released many ads trying to inform the Thai people about the dangers of this drug, but the rate of using is not slowing down. People claim to like the energy that it provides and the care free feeling that goes along with it.

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