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Personalizing The Labels According To Your Brand – The Ultimate Tips




When it comes down to product packaging design, it seems frustrating, challenging, daunting, and so much more, but it doesn’t have to be like this. That’s because some of the best packaging designs can be designed just by working on the labels. Packaging is a combination of 2D designs which transform the entire appearance of the brand. For the same reason, labels have become an incredible way of creating a consistent brand image and encouraging customers into buying your products. So, with this article, we are sharing some tips to personalize the product labels according to the brand!

Convenient & Simplified Labels

The packaging spectrum is extremely wide, and one way of doing it is designing simple and easy to manufacture labels. The labels can be easily attached to the bottles, or they can be wrapped around the products wrapped with tissues. The labels require simplified designing, and the printing is pretty economical, so it’s great if you have a limited packaging budget. The best thing about labels is that they deliver all these benefits, and there is no lack of impact. That’s because if the label is designed well, it will deliver an astonishing appearance to the packaging. For this purpose, you can depend on the packaging label templates, especially if you are running a small brand or independent business.

Origami For The Win

The packaging and labels don’t always have to be extravagant to catch the customer’s eye because simple and folded labels can yield the same benefits. For instance, the origami labels for products can transform the simple packaging into an absolute piece of art. The majority of origami packaging and labels are the easiest to create and show that your brand has a thoughtful mindset. Also, if you have enough creativity to create the origami packaging and labels, it’s suggested to get the mockup designs done on low-grade paper to see how it turns out. In addition, this mockup will help you visualize the final outcome and the potential benefits.

Work On Typography

Selling the brand products is challenging, but the right packaging and labels can harness the benefits like nothing else. For this purpose, you could work on the typography because it’s the ultimate transformative element with graphic designs. To illustrate, you can use a classic serif font, and it will create aspirational packaging. Sure, you might want to choose a modern font, but it’s not suggested if you are a new brand because you cannot always experiment. For instance, the beer bottles and wine bottles are the perfect epitomai of how typography can influence purchases and increase sales. Also, the typography integrated with heavy headers will create a sense of luxury and premium brand.

Color Palette

Long gone the time when bold and loud color palettes were used for labels and packaging, but that era has ended. So, if you want to stay relevant to the modern industry, you need to tone down the color palette, which means natural colors are more welcome. This is primarily because the tonal and natural colors create a calming effect and create an eco-conscious product. In addition, you can always use the slight tints of bright colors to add a washing impact to the packaging and label design. On the other hand, utilizing and implementing the pared-back color palettes will increase the sales by multiple folds, even if the products aren’t organic.

Add Photography

When it comes down to the packaging designs and label designing, one most essential point to consider is the collection and assortment of graphics that are suitable for the product. Currently, the typographic designs, as well as illustration graphics, are making it big, and that makes it more suitable for the brands. We understand that photography isn’t essential for labels right now, but that’s something that will boom in the forthcoming years, and we are here for it. The best thing about adding photography and related illustrations to the labels, it will create a stylish appearance if you are mindful about the placement of graphics.

Artsy Works

The majority of businesses would know that labels are small, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an impact. This is because the labels are a perfect platform for showing your creativity. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that labels can carry a punch, and what’s possible when you hire the right graphic designer and a packaging brand. Creating alluring graphics and artsy work will create a desirable package, something that your customers will love purchasing. However, we do want to add that arty work is better suitable for cosmetics, clothing, and other apparel brands. All in all, the artwork should be special, unique, and something that your competitors have never tried.

Black & White

Sure, the majority of retailers are now creating unisex products, but there is still a certain need for a virtual divide in the products, especially to specify if the products are for men or for women. To illustrate, if the products are focused on men, the design code is pretty strict to determine which colors and typography will lead to sale conversion. That being said, you can opt for white and black graphics for unisex packaging. Not to forget, black and white graphics will help create modern packaging and is strong enough to create a virtual divide. Also, you should use a modern font to balance the label designs.

Patterns For Feminine Touch

When we say feminine touch, it doesn’t always mean that the product is for the ladies, but it only means that your product has certain qualities in the design and the products have a wider market appeal. For instance, adding patterns for feminine touch will enhance the beauty and elegance of the products. If you aren’t aware of which patterns are suitable, you can opt for retro designs and mid-century designs for different products. What we love about patterns is that they create uniform packaging designs, and label designing is something you need to consider while determining the custom packaging supplies.


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