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LinkedIn Reports on the Most in-Demand Jobs for 2021 in Thailand



LinkedIn Reports on the Most in-Demand Jobs for 2021 in Thailand


LinkedIn’s report earlier this year has listed 2021’s most sought-after jobs in Southeast Asia, with many of them being located in Thailand. For citizens of the aforementioned Asian country, this is a highly relevant piece of news, especially after a long period of career uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, many people choose to move to Singapore and Thailand to advance in their respective careers. So, this is also important for anyone who plans on changing their place of residence.

The various jobs on the rise in 2021 which will continue to be in demand beyond this year include digital analysts or marketers, technology-related roles, or employment possibilities in e-commerce or finance. Therefore, there isn’t a lack of variety when it comes to new career prospects that are in high demand right now. This means that people looking to advance in their careers can choose from many suitable options. The same goes for individuals who are only at the beginning of their career path.

If you are interested in Thailand’s most in-demand jobs from this year on, you are in the right place!

Technology-driven roles

With technology being embedded in almost every aspect of people’s lives, it comes as no surprise that roles that are heavily related to technology are so sought-after at the moment. Web development is, for instance, not going away any time soon, given that almost every business that wants to keep being relevant relies on its online presence through a website. Therefore, web developers will continue to be recruited. The same goes for mobile application developers and software development specialists. In Thailand, especially in Bangkok, specialists in these roles are still increasingly desired.

Experts in cybersecurity

With the rise of technology, many types of businesses are digitizing their operations and processes. With this comes the threat of cyber-attacks. These are not only happening to giant corporations, such as Google, but they have started to increase in small and medium-sized businesses.

The truth is that if a business relies on any tech innovation – which nowadays is almost every business out there that tries to keep up with demand – it can become a target of cyber-attacks. For this reason, cybersecurity experts are among the most desired.

From Europe to Asia and North America, many countries worldwide are seeing the necessity of investing in this field. Therefore, in cybersecurity, there are many job opportunities globally, which can be an advantage for many who are looking to move or change careers.

Roles in engineering

The rise of technological advances in many industries is a principal drive for many in-demand jobs for 2021. Given that tech innovations are only starting, it is clear that many of these jobs will remain relevant beyond this year. Among them, engineering roles are also found, given that there is more than one kind of engineer, and the field is quite broad and offers many different career paths.

For instance, you might be interested in the healthcare sector, but you want to focus on contributing to medical tech advancements, in which case the role of biomedical engineer could be to your liking. In Thailand, mechanical or manufacturing engineers are among the most sought-after jobs in this sector. The role of team leaders particularly, and specialists in AutoCAD, a software program that can be used across many industries, from engineering and architecture to manufacturing, is desired.

Supply chain specialists

With many businesses having distribution centers around the world, the need for supply chain specialists is not uncommon. The supply chain is clearly defined as the fundamental network of producing and distributing products to buyers, whether directly to the consumer or to another business. For this reason, it is imperative companies hire experts on logistics and all the operations necessary in distribution centers.

Given that many businesses have warehouses in Asia and are operating from this area, there is a high demand for roles within the supply chain in Thailand. These types of jobs are listed in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Still, besides Thailand, supply chain roles are sought-after in Singapore and the Philippines as well, so if you have prior experience as a logistic supervisor, these are the places to keep in mind.

Roles in the healthcare sector

Apart from technology being a primary driver for many of these in-demand jobs for 2021, the coronavirus pandemic has also been a cause of specific job opportunities becoming visible. In the healthcare sector, there is a necessity for medical specialists and pharmacists. Apart from this, an important job role in the health sector that is increasingly relevant nowadays is that of a medical technologist.

These laboratory scientists are crucial in supporting medical doctors to set diagnoses and courses of treatment. Therefore, the role of a medical technologist is essential. For individuals who want to work in the healthcare sector but not with treating patients, this role could be what they are looking for.

Roles in digital marketing

Businesses that want to thrive in their respective industries, whether they are start-ups or established companies, must invest in marketing strategies – there is no doubt about that. More specifically, digital marketing strategies are essential, and any company needs to allocate a budget for them.

Therefore, various roles in digital marketing, such as social media marketing specialist or marketing analyst, are among the most required. For this reason, there are plenty of opportunities in many countries, including in large cities in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Digital content editor or writer

Whether it is text or visual content, the role of a digital content editor or writer is exceptionally relevant nowadays. Many businesses focus on building a solid online presence and want to include blog writing, video content, or podcasts. Otherwise, they remain behind, unable to keep up with consumer demand.

So, it makes sense that there are many available and sought-after roles in this area of marketing, such as copywriter, content writing, or video editing. These jobs can be found in the same Southeastern Asian countries that hire digital marketers. Plus, such roles can be done remotely, so you won’t have to change location if that’s not what you desire.


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