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Highlighting the Business Advantages of Custom Software Development Solutions



Highlighting the Business Advantages of Custom Software Development Solutions

Learn about the benefits of custom software solutions to businesses and run through the top 3 vendors in Vietnam for custom software development outsourcing.

Like a flash, software development has soon become a must-have strategy. Thus, businesses are now investing in software engineering willingly or grudgingly to stay competitive in the market and gain a leg up on their competition, not only for their own needs but also for their customers as well.

No matter the size of a startup, a small business, or even an enterprise, custom software solutions are created to cater to your organization’s objectives by providing tailored solutions for specific problems or needs. Some business owners have a clear vision of custom software as well as its role in their business picture, while others are still clouded and left at the start.

What Exactly Is a Custom Software Solution?

Custom software development solutions, or simply called custom software, are custom applications created from the ground up to meet specific client requirements. Such software products are designed to encapsulate a unique set of features not often commonly found in off-the-shelf products.

Even if they do exist, they will be more likely to be customized and optimized in a more specific manner. Custom software is usually developed with a particular organization or business in mind, making it more cost-effective than purchasing generic, pre-built software.

What Benefits Do Custom Software Development Solutions Have to Offer?

Custom software development solutions offer an unparalleled advantage when any company wants to fulfill unique business needs. In contrast to read-made products, custom software is built to perfectly align with your business operational processes, thus providing a personalized solution that meets all of your needs. Due to the high level of customization, these software always offer a number of privileges to your organization, such as:

Control budget and cut costs around

First of all, employing custom software development enables organizations to significantly cut down on their operating costs by erasing the need for costly hardware infrastructure or licensing fees associated with paid-off or licensed ready-made products.

Developing a system designed for only your business and to meet your own unique needs means that you have no other way but to save the time and money spent on setup and maintenance.

Increased Efficiency

The adoption of custom software solutions can streamline and enhance internal processes as well as take them to the next level of efficiency. Custom solutions have functions to eliminate unnecessary steps or workflow interruptions, and businesses can complete tasks faster and more accurately than ever before. In addition to that, custom software can allow organizations to quickly access data points that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain.


A business will grow, right? And so does its custom software solution. Custom software solutions can flexibly scale with your business needs, allowing for quick and straightforward modifications as the organization grows.

As your system can be adjusted, upgraded, or optimized to expand and evolve without requiring extensive rework, business owners can sit still and be sure that they always have a reliable solution to power their operations.


The unique security requirements of each organization can be addressed with customized software development solutions. By taking into account an organization’s individual risks or threats, custom software can provide a much higher level of security than off-the-shelf products.

Better User Experience

Custom software solutions are built up to fit the specific needs of each organization, so providing a more intuitive user experience is not an expectation but a realistic result.

For example, custom software is built to avoid inconvenience for users (whether they are customers or staff), such as eliminating unnecessary clicks or steps and enabling easy and fast data access. An improved user experience can drive more customers and better customer service on the business acumen or boost productivity on operational aspects.

Data Control and Privacy

Custom software supports organizations to maintain complete control over data, thus ensuring that all of your data is well protected and compliant with relevant regulations. With the suited system, organizations can easily manage access levels, privacy settings, and other security measures related to sensitive information.

Business Insights

You are given all the means to dig into the realm of valuable business insights that can be extremely useful for strategic decisions. This is undoubtedly an invaluable asset to any business. And guess what? An essential for any business in the ever-changing digital transformation landscape.

Not only gathering data, you can detect areas for improvement as well as emerging opportunities by analyzing data points and trends.

No two businesses are the same — so why settle for generic software solutions? Investing in custom software development is a beneficial choice, never harmful.

Outsource Custom Software Development to Vietnam – Top 3 Recommended Top-tier Service Vendors

Custom software can be made internally with a dedicated in-house team or built with the help of an external software development provider. Speaking of IT outsourcing destinations, Vietnam has been rising as the new alternative tech hub for outsourced IT staff and projects.

With a talented pool of IT engineers and software developers, Vietnam can offer top-tier custom software development services at the best rate in Southeast Asia.

Here are our top 3 recommended service providers for custom software development in Vietnam:

Orient Software

Orient Software is a Vietnam-based IT outsourcing service company offering custom solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded in 2005, Orient Software has been in operation for almost two decades and has grown to become a leader in the current global IT market with offices in different tech hubs worldwide, typically including Japan, Singapore, and the U.S.

With hundreds of experienced software engineering, Orient Software is well-equipped to develop complex projects for clients from any type of industry.

The company demonstrates its proficiency as a purveyor of an extensive array of IT services (encompassing custom software engineering, mobile app creation, web design, and more along similar lines).

Orient Software has gained much realistic experience after many years of operation and delivering projects across various industries, such as banking and finance applications, healthcare software, e-commerce solutions, and heaps more.

Beyond its core services, Orient Software confidently positions itself at the forefront of technology trends. It consistently stays updated with the latest advancements in the tech sphere. This enables them to provide their customers (businesses of any size and shape) with the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Axon Active

Axon Active is a Vietnam-based software development company that specializes in custom software development services. Established in 2007, this IT house has grown so much to become one of the leading IT service providers in Southeast Asia, with several offices around the world. Axon Active has a large and impressive portfolio of successful projects in many industries and has extensive experience working with foreign clients from different countries across the globe.

About types of outsourcing services, there are many. To name a few: Custom software engineering, mobile application development, website development and design, UI/UX design, DevOps solutions, testing services, and more.

Axon Active also offers an Agile approach to development, which helps ensure that all projects are delivered on time and with maximum efficiency.

KMS Technology

Headquartered in Vietnam, KMS Technology – the third option on this list – is an esteemed software development firm that excels in crafting personalized engineering solutions. From its inception in 2009 until now, the KMS has witnessed exponential growth over time. There is no reason for KMS not to cement its position as one of Southeast Asia’s top-notch outsourcing service providers.

Like the other counterparts mentioned above, KMS Technology boasts a large suite of services as well. The company prides itself on its achievements in the IT outsourcing market. Moreover, the forte of leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a proven track record of completed project delivery across diverse industries are also the company’s pluses when being considered.

Their team, comprising seasoned engineers and IT specialists, ensures each project is executed in a timely without compromising on quality. In addition to this, KMS Technology extends round-the-clock customer support, thereby ensuring unparalleled service to all its clients.

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