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Thailand’s Tourism Industry Expects Foreign Tourists Arrivals to Exceed 30 Million this Year

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Thailand's Tourism Industry Expects Foreign Tourists Arrivals to Exceed 30 Million this Year

(CTN News) – The number of tourists visiting Thailand has undoubtedly increased recently, and several organizations have high hopes for the next year.

According to the Tourism Industry Council of Thailand, more than 30 million international visitors will visit Thailand in 2023, contributing 3 trillion baht to the country’s GDP.

In 2019, there were 40 million foreign visitors to Thailand before the Covid-19 epidemic.

Yesterday, Council Chairman Chamnan Srisawat predicted that this year’s visitor demand will more than treble from last year.

According to him according to Nation News, Thailand’s tourist industry is swiftly rebounding and trending higher.

Thai Economy Could Hit its 2023 Growth Goal if Chinese Tourists Come 1

Chamnan pointed out that the current problem is rebuilding the private sector, which was hurt by the epidemic.

To welcome visitors back to the kingdom, he said that the private sector still needs supported finance, labor, expertise, and creativity.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, 913,013 international visitors visited Thailand in the first half of January (TAT).

The TAT’s governor, Yuthasak Supsasorn, disclosed that Russia had surpassed Malaysia as the world’s top travel destination. From January 1 to January 15, the biggest tourist groups in Thailand were:

Russians (99,593) (99,593)
Malaysians (89,461) (89,461)
Korea-born people (47,471)
Laotians (41,863) and Indians (41,863)


Chinese visitors are anticipated to enter the top five travelers over time. Chinese nationals placed 10th in the first half of January, totaling 28,643.

The TAT anticipates that four tourism markets—five million from China, four million from Malaysia, two million from India, and 1.1–1.2 million from South Korea—will each contribute over one million visitors to the kingdom this year.

The TAT anticipates that by 2023, international visitors will account for 80% of the 40 million visitors that came to Thailand in 2019 before the epidemic.

According to Yuthasak, the TAT is initiating a campaign called “Thai Tiew Thai” (“Thais travel Thailand”) to generate 250 million domestic visitors and excursions this year.

Will Thailand get the 30 million international visitors expected by the Tourism Industry Council of Thailand this year? All we can do is wait and see.

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