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illegal Jet Skis and Parasail Boats Return to Phuket’s Surin Beach



illegal Jet Skis and Parasail Boats Return to Phuket’s Surin Beach

(CTN News) – The regional, provincial marine office has begun cracking down on unauthorized jet skis and parasail boats in the water near Surin Beach in Phuket.

Surin Beach on Phuket’s west coast is bordered by shops, upscale hotels, and luxury homes along Millionaire’s Row.

It is well-liked all year round and a great location for sunbathing on beautiful white sand with the Andaman Sea in front of you. Its quiet, clear seas are ideal for kayaking, boogie-boarding, surfing, and snorkeling.

The Phuket provincial government wants to prevent all maritime sports at Surin beach so that people can swim there without worrying about being hurt by inebriated thugs riding strong vehicles. All motorized maritime sports activities are prohibited on the beach.

Tourists and residents see the risk and the annoyance quite differently. Anyone who sees a jet ski in the middle of the day feels everything but neutral.

Following the most recent complaints about jet skis and parasail boats operating too near to the shore, marine regulators arrived at the beach on Friday.

The illegal seized five jet skis and one parasail boat, and their owners were called in for interrogation and a licensing check.

Since there are no such licenses, it stands to reason that the owners lack them. Due to ongoing disagreements about loud noises on the beach, operators are also keenly aware of the restrictions.

The parasail boat was permitted to operate in the water around Kamala Beach. However, it was discovered that the jet skis had the authorization to operate off Bang Thao Beach.

Surin Beach in Phuket is around 3 kilometers apart from both beaches. Each contravening vessel received a 10,000 baht ($300) fine.

Without even including the often practiced jet ski con games that may net you much more money than the hiring company, jet ski rentals in Phuket typically cost about 7,500 baht for 5 hours.

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