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Fascinating Itineraries to Uncover While Visiting India

“India is a renowned home for fascinating wildlife, but the cats here attract all the attention”



wildlife sanctuaries in india

For some time now, India has been a prime spot for tourists. It appears in the bucket list for many adventurers who would like to explore the world’s stunning features and its entire ambiance. From snow leopard spotting to desert stargazing and mountain trekking, India has got a plethora of activities to be discovered. Below are some of the fantastic things you should never miss on your holiday to the Middle East country.

Discover the majestic temples

India is known to have a multitude of deities and religions, thereby the presence of multiple temples. These temples hold with them astounding architecture, art, and sculpture. They dominate the striking landscapes while some are carved into caves and mountains. These temples provide visitors an elegant insight into some of the beliefs and culture of the Indian people.

They are vibrant centers always buzzing with active devotion. Pass by at the Khajuraho temple, which is found in Madhya Pradesh to discover the erotic carvings, and don’t forget to sample food at the Lord Jagannath temple, which is located in Orissa. The food is articulately prepared under the careful watch of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Also to be discovered are Technicolor animals, demons, and gods located at the Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple. The Golden Temple situated in Amritsar, which denotes spiritual freedom and acts as a beacon for religious tolerance, is a must-visit in India.

Explore the beautiful coastline

A 400 km tropical coastline separates Goa and Mumbai, which is a place that is not toured often by tourists. The reasons could be because there are no tourist hotels in the area and the roads that lead to this coastline are too narrow and meander a lot. There is, however, a train that can take you up to the outposts.

There is a continuous string of seashores found here filled with swaying palm trees, but most of them are deserted as there are no facilities to accommodate tourists. The Nicobar and 572 Andaman islands are also another destination just nearby.

A tsunami had devastated the island and blocked tourist activities, but recently the reefs have bounced back. Diving at Andamans is reportedly the best experience one could ever ask for. You can decide to sail or fly into Port Blair then head back to Havelock Island to engage in bird watching. Snorkeling can also be practiced here as a refreshing activity.

Board the rails

The Indian rail system is categorically an itinerary on its own. Every carriage has with it the typical characteristics of India – vibrant, noisy, chaotic, and welcoming at the same time. By boarding this train, you are sure to learn a lot about their cultures, the Indian countryside, and much more.

Select the class you are to travel in and enjoy the excellent clattering pace of this old train that has been operational for ages now. You could choose to pursue the Cardamom Route, which will bring you to the southern foothills where you can observe the beauty of pepper, tea, cotton, coffee, and mango plantations. For ultimate fun and enjoyment, board the Grand Truck Express, which traverses to Chennai from New Delhi.

Discover the Himalayas

These Indian Himalayas are a collection of sheer glamour and sacred sites; however, there is more than meets the eye. The western ranges that stretch to Nanda Devi from Kashmir have breathtaking viewpoints and a plethora of communities that live there. To the east is the paradise-like Sikkim, which possesses remarkable orchid forests and giant butterflies. The Arunachal Pradesh closes on this list of astounding Himalayan wild frontiers to be explored.

India’s Big Five

India is a renowned home for fascinating wildlife, but the cats here attract all the attention. India pays homage to five most lethal and dangerous cats, which include Asiatic lions, snow leopards, Indian leopards, clouded leopards, and Bengal tigers. Chances of spotting these magnificent creatures are quite high if you visit the ideal regions where they can easily be found.

National parks where you can easily spot a tiger include Kanha, Satpura, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Ranthambore, and Corbett. Leopards are spread all over India, and even just outside Mumbai, you can spot them ravaging the rubbish dumps. For more information about national parks in India check here.

Achieve inner peace in India

India resembles a spiritual supermarket that carries with it all customs, beliefs, and religions. You may decide to wet your feet in holy waters and receive some cleansing at the ghats found in Varanasi. You could also choose to meditate near the still waters in Amritsar at the Golden Temple.

For the fun lovers, you should never miss the splendiferous madness that the Kumbha Mela brings with. It is a mass of spiritual cleansing, naked sadhus, ritual bathing, and flashing lights that are conducted at a sacred river every three years.

Explore the Rajasthan Desert

A camel safari should be the first itinerary on your bucket list once you visit India. Get rocked by the majestic walking style of the camels as you explore the Thar Desert and Jaisalmer. Camp out in these deserts at night and enjoy the stunning clear skies at night. You could also plan to visit to coincide with the renowned Pushkar camel fair. It is a yearly event whereby traders from all over Asia gather in a chaotic yet colorful camel fair.

Enjoy colorful festivals in India

With the pantheon of religions and gods, you do not expect India to fall short of festivals. Even more every religion here has got their celebrations, which are usually orchestrated with a lot of color and glamour. India has got camel festivals, kite flying festivals, and even hornbills. Surely there is no better way to dive deep into India’s culture except by taking part in these colorful events and festivities.

The prime of these festivals, however, is the ever blazing and chaotic Holi. Held in March, it is considered the most exciting yet crazy experience for visitors. It is a jubilant and vivid occasion where the Indians celebrate the good, having triumphed over evil.

Survey the houseboat in Kerala

If you are looking for the best way to experience India’s countryside, then you need to try the boathouse found in Kerala. Plentiful fish stocks and fertile soils orchestrate the countryside, which can be easily explored from the boathouse.

Enjoy the magnificence of the paddy fields, blissful shady palms, and the quiet little rural temples and churches. You could also explore Kochi, which is also a resounding city in Kerala which bears distinct islands, peninsulas, and promontories. Board this boathouse and enjoy the entire itinerary from the starting point to the end.

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