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Thai Tourism Ministry Considers Collecting Tourism Fees

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The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sport is eyeing a plan of collecting fees from international visitors for the renovation of tourism attractions. As well as providing insurance benefits specifically for tourists.

The Tourism Ministry recently held its first workshop to gather opinions from government agencies and companies working in tourism. Also insurance companies and revolving funds. Most of the participants say the measure must be introduced at an appropriate time. Above all to minimize disruption of the national tourism sector. They have also requested more details on the use of the fees collected. Above all attraction renovation and insurance benefits.

Thai Tourism will also be holding further session to gather more opinions. The Ministry will also collate all suggestions and submit them to Thailand’s Tourism Fund’s board; the National Tourism Policy Committee; and ultimately to the Cabinet for consideration.

Thai Tourism Operators Report Zero Bookings Due to Coronavirus

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The Thai tourism council has reported that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is severely effecting the tourism industry. Tourism operators need more assistance from the government, according to their council.

Members of the Thai Tourism Council discussed the impacts and possible solution in Bangkok.

TCT chairman Chairat Trirattanajarasporn said the impacts of the novel coronavirus were the worst compared other disasters. “This time, tourism has plummeted and the impact of the virus is effecting all corners of the tourism sector”.

Hotels with 700-800 rooms should be fully booked at this time of the year have zero bookings. Also impacted are coach operators and workers in the sector,” he said.

The impacts started when China stopped its outbound tours and they are growing. Chinese people form the biggest group of visitors to Thailand, TNA reports.

To cope, Thai tourism-related operators would have to take good care of remaining tourists. Even more find new markets to compensate for the absence of Chinese visitors.

He acknowledged government assistance through tax and lending measures but said that they would only partially help tourism operators. A moratorium on loan interest payment would be the best assistance for tourism operators, he said.