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Police in India Launch Investigation after Gang Rape of American Woman



Nearly 100 rapes are reported each day but only one in four rape cases leads to a conviction

Nearly 100 rapes are reported each day but only one in four rape cases leads to a conviction



NEW DELHI – Delhi police have launched a formal investigation after receiving a direct complaint from an American woman, who reported that she was gang-raped at a top hotel in the Indian capital Delhi during a visit earlier this year.

Joint Commissioner of police Mukesh Meena said the formal investigation was launched Saturday after receiving a direct complaint from the woman, who is now in the United States and had initially contacted them through an email by a US-based NGO.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj urged police to “bring guilty to justice” after initial media reports of the incident.

“I have also asked Indian Ambassador in US to contact the victim and assure her that we will not spare the guilty,” she tweeted on Saturday.

Local media reports, citing police sources, said the woman had travelled to India in April but cut her visit short after the alleged crime.

The woman has complained that her local tour guide, who had access to her room, gave her a spiked bottle of water and raped her with four other acquaintances inside her hotel room.

“She said that after having water from the bottle, she started feeling dizzy. Then four other men… entered the room and locked it,” India media reported.

Police are now verifying the woman’s timeline and tracking the suspects, including by checking security camera footage from the hotel.

Sexual attacks on tourists in India are widespread, with several western countries warning visitors about the risk.

A 35-year-old Japanese tourist was raped in southern India just last month.

Last year a Japanese woman was drugged and raped by a tourist guide in the western city of Jaipur, less than a month after six men gang-raped a 22-year-old Japanese tourist in the eastern city of Kolkata.

An Indian court in June this year convicted five men for gang-raping a 52-year-old Danish tourist in New Delhi in 2014. They were jailed for life.

Rape trials in India can proceed at a glacial pace, dragging on for five to 10 years, if not longer.

Rape survivors filing complaints with the local Delhi government’s public grievance monitoring system (PGMS) have reported delays in the police registration of their complaint, or an absolute refusal to register their complaint at all Aljazeera reports.

India is also facing intense scrutiny over its efforts to curb violence against women in general following the fatal gang rape of a medical student in New Delhi in December 2012, which sparked a global outcry.

Source: AFP | Indian Express | Aljazeera


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