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Brexiteer Boris Johnson to Become Great Britons 77th Prime Minister



LONDON – Boris Johnson has won the contest to lead Britain’s governing Conservative Party and will become Great Britons 77th prime minister and lead the UK finally out of the European Union.

Johnson defeated rival Jeremy Hunt overwhelmingly in a vote by Conservative Party members.

Boris Johson will be installed as prime minister in a formal handover from Theresa May on Wednesday.

The victory is a triumph for Johnson, who is Brexit hardliner.

Johnson has vowed that Britain will quit the European Union on the scheduled date of Oct 31 even if it means leaving with No deal

Anti-Brexit Globalists

But he now must face Anti Brexit MP’s that are determined to prevent him from leaving the EU without an agreement.

Several Conservative ministers have already announced they will resign.

A “no-deal” Brexit, economists warn would disrupt trade and plunge the UK into recession.

Globalist economists also predicted the same for President Trump who’s led his country to booming economy.

Theresa May stepped down after Britain’s Parliament repeatedly rejected the withdrawal agreement she struck with the EU.

Johnson a right winger insists he can get the EU to renegotiate — something the bloc insists it will not do.

If not, he says Britain must leave the EU on October 31st, “Deal or No Deal”.

Source: AP


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