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Woman Falls to Her Death from 15 Story Bangkok Condominium



condo thai woman suicide

A 77-year-old Thai woman fall to her death from a Bangkok condominium in the Bang Khen district on Thursday morning. The  woman was being cared for by her granddaughter keeping her safe from the coronavirus.

MS. Surinee Dokkaew, 77, was found dead about 6am on the ground at the base of the 15-storey Bangkok condominium building.

Pol Maj Than Burnachai, investigation chief at Bang Khen police station said she was neatly dressed in a light blue shirt and black trousers.  Police went to the room she was staying in on the 10th floor, and found a plastic chair near the window.

Elderly woman falls to death from Bangkok condominium

Relatives told police she had no husband and stayed alone at her house. A worried granddaughter took her in at her Bangkok condominium room to keep her free of the coronavirus disease.

On Thursday morning, the granddaughter went out, leaving the woman alone in the room.  A tenant in a building opposite saw the elderly woman sitting on the edge of the open window, swinging her legs.

She then fell to her death, Thai media reported.

Police said it appeared the woman committed suicide, possibly because she was stressed by events. They were questioning relatives to find out more.

Many Thai Committing or Attempting Suicide in Thailand Due to Coronavirus

Police in Chiang Mai Thailand were successful stopping a woman for committing suicide by jump off a bridge into the Ping River. The incident occurred on the Kua Saree Wiangping Bridge at around 7 p.m.

The unnamed woman was found to be standing on the edge of the bridge threatening to jump into the river below.

According to Thai media it took a policeman about 30 minutes to talk her down off the bridge ledge.

Police believe she had been suffering stress and various other problems due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Relatives were contacted to take her home from the scene.

Meanwhile, a 58-year-old thai woman attempted to commit suicide at the Finance Ministry building in Bangkok. She had gone to plead for the Bt5,000 coronavirus pandemic-relief payment.

According to Thai media the woman broke down in despair and cried out that she was suffering unbearable pressure due to the crisis but no one wanted to help her.

As bystanders looked on in horror, she took out a dose of rat poison and swallowed it. She then took another dose and began having seizures. Witnesses rushed to her aid after she began to vomit and pass out.

Medics were called and the woman was rushed to Phramongkutklao Hospital for treatment.

Thai man commits Suicide over lockdown relief

Last Thursday, a man in Udon Thani province committed suicide by hanging himself after his application for the government’s Bt5,000 relief payment was rejected. Leaving him with no money to support his 15 year-old daughter.

The body of Supasit Chaokla, 42, was found hanging at 1.30pm on Thursday. Authorities believe he committed suicide two days earlier.

His mother, Jiamsri Chakla, 62, said that after getting divorced, Supasit had raised his 15-year-old daughter alone. However, his income began to shrink last month after the emergency decree was announced.

He owned a small eatery with daily running costs of Bt500-Bt600. He became stressed when revenue fell to Bt200-Bt300 as people stayed at home during the lockdown.

That meant he could no longer afford the Bt10,000 he needed to keep his daughter in school once the term restarted. He hoped that the Bt5,000 payments would help fill the hole in his finances, but became suicidal when his application was rejected. His mother said that she would now take care of her orphaned granddaughter.

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