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Mae Sai Market Area Floods Once Again after Heavy Rains




CHIANG RAI – At the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Sai water from the river continues to rise continuously under the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.

The river crossing was found at a depth of more than 4.30 meters, while the edge of the bridge was about 5 meters high, making the water nearly reach the edge. As a result, the Sai Lom Joy Market under the bridge and many shops moved their goods to high ground because the market began to flood.

On the side of Tha Chalak water flooded the market, the area is about 30-50 cm deep. Vendors rushed to move their goods to upper floors while Tambon Mae Sai Municipality prepares to act in case the floods worsen.

Officials said the river flooded the road at the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge in Mae Sai district and nearby shops and at the Sai Lom Joy Market

The municipality of Mae Sai has put sandbagged in place to try and prevent the water from the river will flow into many communities. The people on both sides of Mae Sai and Myanmar are watching the rain and the water continuously.

The Governor of Chiang Rai, Praprat Prachachakul, has ordered staff to help villagers in various areas of Chiang Rai effected by heavy flooding. There have been no reported injuries or deaths.

In Mae Chan district floods effected the community, Pa Tung and the municipality of Mae Chan, especially merchants located on the waterfront, merchants moved their belongings and fled the water.

Meanwhile,  a total of 30 villages in six tambon of Phayao’s Pong district were whacked by floods on Saturday morning. Two other villages in the province’s Chiang Kham district were earlier reported struck by flood damage.

Pong district chief Sit Wongman said the Khuan and Ngim rivers in his districts had overflowed, triggering floods in 30 villages in six tambon – Tambon Ngim, Oil, Pong, Na Plung, Khuan and Khun Khuan.

The floods damaged some 2,500 rai (400 hectares)of farmlands, he added.

He said district officials have visited the villagers to survey damages with an eye to future compensation.


Mae Sai – Myanmar Market Area Flooded – Photo’s Local News2010

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