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Chiang Rai Vendors Lay a Beating to Indian National distributing Fake Bt500 Notes



Fake 500 Baht Notes - Photo Thai Visa

Fake 500 Baht Notes – Photo Thai Visa


CHIANG RAI – Pol Lt Gen Worayuth Kanthasorn, a duty inspector of Mueang Chiang Rai police station, has detained an Indian National for distributing fake 500 baht notes around the city.

The India National only identified as Suress, 40, was detained after police were called to a scene in downtown Chiang Rai were street vendors had attacked and beaten the suspect for distributing the notes.

According to Thai Visa, the vendors claimed that Mr.Suress used fake notes several times earlier in the day, so they posted his information on Facebook to warn other vendors.

They described the look of the Indian tourist on their posts so when Mr. Suress appeared at the night market Saturday night, he was recognized.

The vendors said the Indian tried to run away and discarded approximately 30 fake Bank notes on the roadside before he was captured by the vendors who then proceeded to beat him.
Mr. Suress has of course denied all charges, Pol Lt Gen Worayuth Kanthasorn said police are investigating the situation further and that the punishment for knowingly passing fake currency, carries a 30,000 baht fine (close to $1,000 USD) and up to 15 years in jail.
Police suspect that Mr. Suress has other accomplices as many fake Bt500 notes have been detected in the Mae Sai border market area.
Fake Notes

A quick way to spot a fake Thai banknote is to compare it with other notes in your wallet. While looking quite authentic, the feel of a fake is different than that of a real one and, if you wet the note, the color will run. The real notes also have a holographic strip on the left hand side and, yes, they are a larger size.

Don’t be surprised if you try to spend money while in Thailand and find the stall owner suddenly rubbing your note furiously with a finger, or dabbing it with a wet cloth. Most Thai sellers are adept at finding fake notes, as they do periodically surface, and if they try to deposit them in a bank account they are the ones who will lose money.

The best way to avoid being passed a fake note, especially for the more valuable 1,000 baht notes, is to only exchange foreign currency at a Thai bank as notes should have been checked for authenticity. With 1,000 baht notes, you won’t be passed any in your change as they are the note with the highest value in Thailand. However, do check any 100 baht notes to be sure someone unscrupulous isn’t trying to palm one off on you.


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