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Chiang Rai Hothouse Caused by Faulty Electrical




Electricians cut power to home in Ban Nong Raed Nua Moo 2 village of Thoeng district

CHIANG RAI – A team of electricians were sent to inspect the house of Sawang Siri-ard, 71, in the Ban Nong Raed Nua Moo 2 village of Thoeng district, after he discovered the new room he added was heating the house up like a sauna.

The Electricians measured the floor temperature at the pillar and recorded a shocking 62 degrees Celsius, however after they cut the power supply to the home the temperature fall to 38 degrees Celsius.

After a thorough examination of the wiring in the new room revealed an electrical leak near the bathroom, electricians repaired the wiring and the room slowly returned to normal temperature levels, Thoeng district chief Sutthiluck Rakcharoen reported on Tuesday.

Adul Jaitabut, a senior geologist at the Lampang-based Mineral Resources Regional Office, said worries the heat build up may have been caused by gas leaking from under the ground or by a seismic fault were misplaced.

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