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Netflix Stopped Password-Sharing In 4 More Countries, Including Canada



Netflix stopped password-sharing in four more countries, including Canada.

(CTN NEWS) – Owners of Netflix accounts have been anticipating the day the streaming service will finally take action against password sharing, and the company’s anti-sharing procedures have already been implemented.

In Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, and other countries in Latin America, it had already begun testing the new account-sharing policy last year, but not without confusing users there.

There’s no stopping Netflix from delivering the new policy to more nations, and the next ones are Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. This is despite what seems to be a haphazard rollout of the new policy.

  • Canada – $7.99 CAD
  • New Zealand -7.99 NZD
  • Portugal – 3.99 euros
  • Spain – 5.99 euros

The streaming behemoth recently disclosed some information about its countermeasure against account sharing, and it has begun charging subscribers in some nations for additional users outside of their households.

If you have the basic plan, you can pay extra for one password piggybacker; if you have the premium plan, you can pay more for up to two additional outside users.

The cost is CAD 7.99 per person per month in Canada, NZD 7.99 per person per month in New Zealand, €3.99 in Portugal, and €5.99 in Spain.

Netflix stopped password sharing in four more countries including Canada

Source: Netflix

To encourage original account owners and password-moochers to act honorably, Netflix has also reaffirmed a few other features it had previously established.

Customers must designate a primary location for their accounts, and any devices trying to access the service from an IP address other than the one connected with it would be denied access.

Based on IP address, device ID, and account activity from the owner’s device, Netflix in Latin America cracks down on password sharing outside of a subscriber’s home.

Members must provide the main account holder with a verification code to confirm their identity.

The streaming service allowed users to turn their profiles into separate, paid accounts last fall. This new account would include their previous watching history, customized recommendations, My List, and saved games.

In the four new nations, the same feature is accessible under the paid account-sharing policy.

Because account sharing continues to be a problem for many of the finest streaming services, including Netflix, the firm will surely seek additional Netflix subscribers who are using their friends’ accounts without paying for their memberships.

It didn’t say when the new policy would be implemented in the United States, but given that the most recent expansion is happening immediately outside the nation, it won’t be long.


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